The Word Warfare of Rabid Psychotic Zionism


by Zen Gardner

Besides the manipulated media spewing the Zionist party line and repressing the truth, we’re seeing a barrage of psychotic postings of every type all over the internet attempting to stamp out legitimate information that, of course, is not in their favor.

Take “Johnny Paleswine” for example, who reared his ugly fascist head today trying to get a comment by on my website in response to Psycho Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs on Gazans – Again.

Apparently putting the words “Psycho” and “Israel” together hits their internet search hot buttons – Bingo!

“Israel is doing it the Anglo Muslim way. Anglos and Muslims have been competing who can kill, rape and displace more humans. Anglos killed, displaced millions from Colombia to Australia and have no shame. Same for Muslims.

Two races that love to kill.

Zen cares so much for the children. How many children have been massacred by MUSLIMS in SYRIA?? Over 11,000. No tears for them. Jews are not doing it so who cares.

YOU ARE THE COWARD – ISIS is coming to the USA.”

He’s right on one thing, others have also perpetrated horrific atrocities on populations, but that doesn’t excuse the wicked actions of Zionism. What an ignorant, obviously manipulated diversion. But their age old smokescreen is coming down as this ilk furiously fights to establish their illegitimacy with the same old polluted war of words.

Also notice the veiled threat, a common thread of these intimidators – this element cannot help but pop out in their programmed spew. “YOU ARE THE COWARD – ISIS is coming to the USA.” Convoluted warning to say the least. Somewhat reminiscent of 9/11 and the pre-knowledge of the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents sent admittedly to “witness the event”. Apparently the agenda is plain to the insiders and they can’t help but spill the beans.

Creating the supposed threat, as in ISIS or Al Qaida, then use it as cover for their dastardly acts to perpetrate their war mongering agenda sure comes to mind. A common tactic of totalitarian powers, the US being the prime example along side Israel.

If you want to know where this guy could easily have cme from, here’s one of the Zionist’s disinformation centers:


“This article was published on July 14, 2014. The death toll in Gaza as of today, July 23, 2014, reaches 678 according to Al-Akhbar. Students at the IDC Herzliya “war room,” seen here in a screenshot, focus on posting propaganda justifying Israel’s attack on Gaza on Facebook.

A video accompanying the Ynet report shows rows of students beavering away at computers in a hall with a sign on its door saying “Advocacy Room” in English. In Hebrew, it says “Hasbara war room.” Go HERE for more.

Propaganda Warfare is their First Line of Offense

Such media rhetoric and attempts at intimidation are just another manifestation of the Zionist psychopathy of death we’re currently witnessing in the Gaza massacre. It’s the same evil source that has perpetrated not just massively murderous world wars, but death dealing false flags for over a century, including 9/11, which kicked off this ramped up stage of madness. On top of it, they not only use any wicked tactic their dark hearts imagine to further their agendas of control and expansion, but they massively profit from not just the war machine and the induced giving by blinded supporters, but by brazen pre-set insurance and investment scams, as in the case of the cockroach Larry Silverstein and a host of others.

All in plain sight as if no one would notice. Absolute insanity right in humanity’s face.

We’re witnessing the death throes of a frenzied, savage beast that needs to be put down. And fast…




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Poll: 57% of Americans support Jewish genocidal slaughter in Palestine

by John Friend’s Blog

According to a recent poll conducted by CNN, 57% of Americans support the barbaric, absolutely ruthless slaughter and destruction of the largely defenseless Christian and Muslim Arab populations in Zionist-occupied Palestine. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

A majority of Americans back Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, according to a poll.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans see Israel’s actions as justified, with 12 percent among those respondents saying Israel is not using enough force, according to the CNN poll conducted from Friday to Sunday — just as Israel was starting the ground operation in its Protective Edge campaign launched July 8.

CNN noted that 57 percent also believed Israel was justified in its use of force during the previous conflict with Hamas in Gaza in 2012, and 63 percent thought it was justified during the 2008-09 Cast Lead operation. [...]

I’d like to think the typical American would be against the whole-sale slaughter of entire civilian populations, including the shelling and bombing of hospitals, apartment blocks, schools, and other critical civilian infrastructure projects. I’d like to think the typical American would be against the mass murdering of innocent men, women, and children. However, in most cases I’d be wrong, at least when it comes to “Israel” and the Jews.

Given the near total Jewish control over and influence upon the U.S. federal government (White House, Congress, Supreme Court, elections, etc.), mass media, banking system, Hollywood, and educational establishment, it’s no surprise more than half of the American public supports the usurping Jewish regime occupying Palestine’s most recent genocidal campaign of destruction and murder. After all, the vast majority of Americans have been programmed since childhood to believe the Jews are a tiny, insignificant, and benevolent religious minority who can do no wrong, but are always targeted and persecuted by irrational “anti-Semites” who blame Jews for everything. Most people actually believe the Jews to be “God’s Chosen People,” and that the illegitimate Jewish terrorist state known as “Israel” is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy which America must blindly support and favor, no matter her actions and policies.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but Jewish propaganda and public relations trump cold hard facts and blatant reality every time.




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Israeli Professor: Rape Hamas Militants’ Mothers and Sisters to Deter Terrorist Attac

By Gianluca Mezzofiore | International Business Times

An Israeli academic has claimed that raping wives and mothers of Palestinian Hamas militants is the only thing that could deter further terrorist attacks.

The remarks by renowned Middle East scholar Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University were made three weeks ago after the grim discovery of the bodies of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, but the recording was published online (in Hebrew) on Monday.

“The only thing that could deter a suicide bomber is knowing that if caught, his sister or his mother would be raped,” said Kedar on Israel Radio Bet

“It sounds very bad, but that’s the Middle East,” he continued. “You have to understand the culture in which we live. The only thing that deters [Hamas leaders] is a threat to the connection between their heads and their shoulders.”

To the shocked radio presenter who said that “we cannot take such steps, of course”, Kedar replied:

“I’m not talking about what we should or shouldn’t do. I’m talking about the facts. The only thing that deters a suicide bomber is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister will be raped. That’s all. That’s the only thing that will bring him back home, in order to preserve his sister’s honor.”

Read the full article at:






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Men of Europe, Put Down the Eckhart Tolle Book and Pick up Your Sword

By Thomas Sheridan

Remember who you really are…

The New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex supports murder and genocide. What is happening in Gaza today will eventually take place in London, Dublin, New York, Lisbon, Barcelona, Oslo, Glasgow, Melbourne, Stockholm, Auckland and Cape Town and wherever you are reading this article. Notice is being served upon all humanity. Not just the people of the Gaza strip. The hunt is on and we are all the prey of NATO and the Globalists. The main tactic for keeping us easy targets in the West right now is the New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex.

Eckhart Tolle is your enemy. Seek to destroy what he represents. Straight on to Oprah from out of nowhere. He plays the ’I’m Gentle’ persona. So fake and so very, very dangerous. Men are warriors – we are not meant to be like this. The neutered man-boy who will never be a man and who only grows up to be the daughter of himself.

He is a creation of the Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex. “Lie down and let the world savage you.” – that’s all he says. The children in Gaza being burnt alive by phosphor bombs need to send more light towards the IDF helicopter gunships apparently. Russell Brand issuing platitudes such as “we need to shift our narrative” is the same mindless ’come and slaughter us all’ bullshit.

These gurus will never come out and say what needs to be really said.

There is only one quote relating to the Gaza situation which can be made: “Israel/NATO, fuck off and stop being an evil genocidal hit man for the Globalists.” Everything else is either a cop-out or hidden approval of the Psychopathic Control Grid…

Read the full article at: thomassheridanofficialblog.blogspot



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A arrogância de Washington irá destruir seu império

Paul Craig Roberts

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Traduzido por Anna Malm,, para

Washington é o único entre os governos do mundo a exigir que países soberanos sigam as leis de Washington, mesmo quando essas contradigam as leis dos países soberanos.

Os exemplos são intermináveis. Por exemplo, Washington forçou a Suiça a violar, e abolir as históricas leis dos segredos bancários do seu país. Washington executa cidadãos de outros países, assim como os seus próprios, sem o devido processo de lei. Washington viola a soberanidade de outros países e assassina cidadãos desses países através de drones, bombas e times de forças especiais. Washington sequestra no estrangeiro cidadãos de outros países e os leva para os Estados Unidos para que sejam processados abaixo das leis dos Estados Unidos, ou os manda para um outro país para que sejam secretamente torturados em centros secretos de tortura.

Washington diz para bancos em outros países com quem eles podem, ou não podem fazer negócios, e se esses vierem a desobedecer, Washington os chantagia até a submissão, ou impõe a eles multas as quais ameaçariam a existência dos mesmos. Na semana passada Washington forçou um banco francês a pagar $9 bilhões de dólares, ou de ter suas operações banidas nos Estados Unidos, isso sendo porque o banco tinha financiado transações comerciais com países não aprovados por Washington.

Washington distribui ultimatuns para nações soberanas para que façam como lhes é mandado, ou “sejam bombardeadas de volta a idade da pedra”.

Washington viola a imunidade diplomática ordenando aterrissagens forçadas de aeronaves presidenciais de países soberanos para que essas sejam ilegalmente escrutinadas.

Washington ordenou ao seu vassalo Reino Unido, UK, que violasse leis e convenções governando as condições para asilo político, e que se recusasse a dar livre passagem a Julian Assange para o Equador.

Washington ordenou a Rússia que violasse as suas próprias leis e entregasse Edward Snowden.

A Rússia é suficientemente forte para poder deixar de obedecer as ordens de Washington.

O que é que Washington faz então?

A cidade no alto da colina, a luz do mundo, o “indispensável” e “excepcional governo” sequestrou Roman Seleznyov, o filho de um Membro do Parlamento Russo, num país estrangeiro, a República das Maldivas, uma ilha-nação no Oceano Índico. Seleznyov foi sequestrado por Washington quando ia embarcar num voo para Moscou e desapareceu, sem que ninguém o notasse, numa aeronave particular a caminho de um território controlado pelos Estados Unidos, onde ele foi então preso abaixo de uma falsa acusação.

O Ministério do Exterior da Rússia acusou Washington de ter sequestrado um cidadão russo num “novo ato hostil de Washington”, contra o povo russo.

Não há a menor dúvida quanto ao sequestro de Seleznyov ser ilegal, assim como tudo o mais que Washington vem fazendo desde o regime de Clinton. O pai de Seleznyov, um membro do corpo legislativo russo, disse que acreditava que Washington tinha sequestrado seu filho para que esse fosse trocado por Edward Snowden. Seleznyov foi imediatamente, sem nenhuma evidência, acusado por ofensas imaginárias, as quais poderiam levar até 30 anos de prisão. O fascista responsável pela Homeland Security, a agência de segurança nacional, declarou que essa, completamente ilegal ação da Gestapo de Washington, era uma “detenção importante” e que ela “mandava uma mensagem inequívoca” de que “o longo braço da justiça–e desse Departamento–iria continuar a desfazer, e desmontar organizações criminosas sofisticadas”.

O serviço secreto dos Estados Unidos declarou então que o filho do MP russo era “um dos mais prolíficos traficantes de roubadas informações”.

Que extrema inconsequência! – What utter bullshit!

Como o mundo todo já sabe, o maior ladrão de informações financeiras é a National Stasi Agency de Washington. Essa agência de Washington tem roubado, para o benefício das corporações dos Estados Unidos, que fazem generosas contribuições políticas, informações sobre empresas, companhias e corporações no Brasil, Alemanha, França, China e Japão. Na realidade, de todo o mundo. A Stasi de Washington até roubou as conversas particulares do celular da Chanceler da Alemanha.

Foi uma idiotice do mundo o confiar no sistema americano de informações, o qual serve como um instrumento de espionagem. Qualquer um que compre um computador de uma marca americana, ou que se fie nos serviços americanos da internet, pode saber de certeza que a National Stasi Agency de Washington tem completa informação sobre si. Os outros governos pensaram que iriam ter uma carona no investimento do capital US, mas o que essa carona significava era que nenhum governo, ou nenhuma população, teria mais direitos proprietários sobre seus segredos, e suas informações.

A US National Stasi Agency pode agora chantagiar a inteira população mundial…






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Gaza, com o gás na mira

by Manlio Dinucci

Traduzido por Anna Malm,, para

Para compreender melhor uma das razões do ataque israelense contra Gaza é necessário se ir em profundidade, exatamente a 600 metros abaixo do nível do mar, a 30 Km da costa litoral. Lá, nas águas territoriais palestinianas encontra-se um grande depósito de gás natural, Gaza Marinha, estimado em 30 bilhões de metros cúbicos, num valor de bilhões de dólares. Outros depósitos de gás e petróleo, de acordo com um mapa estabelecido pela U.S. Geological Survey (agência governamental dos Estados Unidos), encontram-se em terra firme, em Gaza e na Cisjordânia.

Em 1999, com um acordo assinado por Yasser Arafat, a Autoridade Palestiniana confiou a exploração da Gaza Marinha a um consórcio formado pelo “British Group” e “Consolidated Contractors” (companhia particular palestiniana), com respectivamente 60% e 30% das ações, nas quais o Fundo de Investimento da Autoridade Palestiniana tem um porcentagem de 10%. Dois poços de petróleo foram abertos, Gaza Marinha-1 e Gaza Marinha-2. Mas eles nunca jamais entraram em função, porque foram bloqueados por Israel, que queria todos os dividendos desse gás confiscados. Por intermédio do ex-Primeiro Ministro Tony Blair, enviado do “Quarteto para o Oriente Médio”, foi preparado um acordo com Israel que retiraria dos palestinianos ¾ dos futuros rendimentos do gás, colocando a parte que se lhes retornaria, numa conta internacional controlada por Washington e Londres. Entretanto, imediatamente depois de ter ganho as eleições de 2006, Hamas recusou o acordo qualificando-o de roubo, e exigiu uma renegociação do mesmo. Em 2007, o atual ministro israelense da Defesa, Moshe Ya’ alon disse que “o gás não poderia ser extraído sem uma operação militar que erradicasse o controle de Hamas de Gaza”.

Em 2008 Israel lançou a operação “Chumbo Fundido” contra Gaza. Em setembro 2012 a Autoridade Palestiniana anunciou que, apesar da oposição de Hamas, ela tinha retornado as negociações sobre o gás com Israel. Dois meses depois, a admissão da Palestina como um “Estado observador não membro” na ONU, veio a reforçar a posição da Autoridade Palestiniana nas negociações. Gaza Marinha continua entretanto bloqueada, impedindo os palestinianos de explorar a riqueza natural deles. Mas nesse ponto deu-se uma reviravolta e a Autoridade Palestiniana entrou num outro caminho. Em 23 de janeiro de 2014, de quando do encontro do presidente palestiniano com o presidente russo, Vladimir Putin, discutiu-se a possibilidade de confiar à companhia russa Gazprom a exploração dos depósitos de gás, nas águas de Gaza. Foi a agência Itar-Tass que o anunciou, ressaltando que a Rússia e a Palestina tinham um entendimento para reforçar a cooperação no setor energético. Nesse cenário, além da exploração dos depósitos de gás, tinha-se em mente as jazidas de petróleo nos arredores da cidade palestiniana de Ramalá, na Cisjordânia. Nessa mesma região a sociedade russa Technopromexport está pronta a participar na construção de uma central termoelétrica com uma potência de 200 MW.

A formação do novo governo palestiniano de unidade nacional, em 2 de junho de 2014, reinforçava a possibilidade de que o acordo entre a Palestina e a Rússia chegasse a um bom porto, e atracasse bem. Dez dias mais tarde, em 12 de junho, teve-se o desaparecimento de três jovens israelenses, que foram retornados mortos em 30 de junho : esse veio a ser o pontual casus belli – motivo de guerra – que levou a operação “Barreira Protetora” contra Gaza. Essa é uma operação que entra na estratégia de Tel Aviv, que tem em vista também o se apropriar das reservas energéticas da inteira Bacia do Levante, na qual as reservas palestinianas, libanesas e sírias estão incluidas. Depois tem-se a estratégia de Washington, que em apoiando Israel, tem o controle de todo o Oriente Médio, assim como o impedir a Rússia de restabelecer uma influência na região, nos seus próprios planos.

Essa é uma mistura explosiva, na qual as vítimas são, ainda mais uma vez, os palestinianos.





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9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack


Palestinian rescue workers search for survivors under the rubble of a house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike, in Gaza City, Monday, July 21, 2014. (Photo: Khalil Hamra/ AP)

Palestinian rescue workers search for survivors under the rubble of a house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike, in Gaza City, Monday, July 21, 2014. (Photo: Khalil Hamra/ AP)

The peace-loving nation of Israel is yet again at the brink of an existential annihilation due to home made rocket attacks from Gaza — or so they would have you believe. As the Israel-Palestine conflict rages, we’ve heard the same boiler plate statements about ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’ and ‘No country would tolerate rocket attacks, so why should Israel?’

But why are rockets being fired into Israel in the first place? “Because the Palestinians are terrorists and anti-Semites.” Perhaps, or perhaps there are few more plausible explanations for Palestinian armed resistance; consider the following:

1. The Occupation

Israel, with U.S. support, has militarily occupied the Gaza Strip (along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem) since 1967. The belligerent occupation, now in its 47th year, is one of the longest, bloodiest and brutal in human history — over 2,500 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza alone in the last seven years.

Up until 2005, Israel maintained illegal Jewish colonies in the Gaza Strip as well. It has since disbanded these colonies and thus claims it’s no longer occupying the Gaza strip. Israel is alone in holding this deceptive view; the UN, US State Department, global NGO’s and legal scholars all consider Gaza a part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories because Israel exercises complete military control over it.

2. The Siege

Israel, with U.S. backing, has laid a brutal siege in the Gaza Strip since 2007. It has blocked off air, land and water access to the Strip — nothing goes in, nothing comes out. This tiny strip of land is home to some 1.7 million people; due to its cage-like setup, Gaza has aptly been described as the ‘world’s largest open air prison.’

The siege has stifled Gaza’s economy, destroyed its infrastructure and has cut off access to some of the most basic amenities needed to live a dignified life. Today, almost 80 per cent of Gazans are dependent on aid as a result of the blockade. The UN has warned Gaza will be inhospitable by 2020 if the siege continues.

3. The Water Crisis

Israel’s discriminatory division of water means that Palestinians get 70 litres a day per person, far below the 100 liters per capita minimum, while the Israeli’s get four times this amount. Limiting the water supply results in Gazan households receiving water for only six-eight hours at a time about every other day. Israel severely damaged the sewage treatment infrastructure in Gaza during its 2009 assault; the blockade means the resources needed for repairs are unavailable.

As a result, only 25 per cent of Gaza’s waster water is treated; 90 million liters of untreated or partially treated sewage is dumped into the Mediterranean every day. Contamination of the territory’s ground water is serious concern; about 90 per cent of the water supply in the Strip is unfit for human consumption. Due to over-pumping and sewage contamination Gaza’s only water source, its Coastal Aquifer, is damaged past the point of no return — it will expire in 2016.

4. Scarcity of Fuel and Electricity

Gaza is under a chronic power shortage due to the siege; Israel has severely limited the fuel supply needed to operate the only power plant in the territory. Only 46 per cent of Gaza’s electricity needs are being met currently; this has triggered rolling power outages of 12 hours everyday. Amongst other things, this lack of power means that hundreds of crucial medical devices at hospital are non-functional, including Gaza’s only MRI machine.

5. Leveling of Land and Destruction of Property

The Israeli army conducts weekly incursions into the Gaza Strip to destroy the land it has declared as ‘no-go zone.’ Its tanks, bulldozers and military jeeps, accompanied by helicopters and drones, systematically destroy fruit bearing trees and agricultural land in the Gaza strip. Civilian infrastructure in this area is also demolished; this includes hundreds of houses, wells and chicken farms — mosques and schools are demolished as well…








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Former Al-Qaeda operative claims Qaeda/ISIS run by the CIA

By Brandon Turbeville

More evidence has been entered into the files of public record that terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the al-Nusra Front are completely controlled by the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies.

In fact, according to Nabil Na’eem, founding member of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and a former commander of al-Qaeda, all current al-Qaeda affiliates are nothing more than offshoots of an overarching CIA terror operation. He also claimed that these groups will eventually be turned against Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has acted as a bankroller and facilitator for them for years on end.

Na’eem made his statements during the course of an interview with al-Maydeen, a Beirut-based news agency that serves a number of countries in the Middle East…






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Now ISIS cracks down on MANNEQUINS: Shopkeepers told by Muslim extremists to cover faces of window models with veils

The jihadists handed out the ultimatum to shop owners in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, after seizing it during a military offensive last month. Both male and female mannequins in window displays have been covered up as a result. The move is in line with strict interpretations of Shariah law forbidding artwork or statues depicting the human form. The militant group has imposed other restrictions in the city, ordering Christian residents to convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death.

. Extremists handed out ultimatum after seizing city of Mosul last month
. Faces of both male and female mannequins are being covered
. Interpretation of Shariah Law forbids artwork or statues of human form
. Militants have already imposed strict rules on Christians in the city

By Wills Robinson

ISIS have told shopkeepers in Iraq to put veils over the faces of their mannequins.

The jihadists handed out the ultimatum after seizing the country’s second largest city, Mosul, during their latest offensive.

The move is in line with strict interpretations of Shariah law forbidding artwork or statues depicting human form.

Both male and female mannequins in window displays have been covered up as a result…

Read more:



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The social network for STONERS: PuffPuffChat is a Chatroulette-style site for people high on marijuana

PuffPuffChat, a website that lets people talk while high on marijuana has been launched. Users on the site are asked to rate our high they are on a scale of 0 to 10. They are then randomly connected to a stranger around the world. The Home Office reminds people that smoking cannabis in the UK is illegal

PuffPuffChat, a website that lets people talk while high on marijuana has been launched. Users on the site are asked to rate our high they are on a scale of 0 to 10. They are then randomly connected to a stranger around the world. The Home Office reminds people that smoking cannabis in the UK is illegal

. Website that lets people talk while high on marijuana has been launched
. But London’s PHE warns people of the dangers of smoking cannabis
. Users on the site are asked to rate how high they are on a scale of 0 to 10
. They are then randomly connected to a stranger around the world
. Discussions can take place by just text or using video as well
. The Home Office reminds people that smoking cannabis in the UK is illegal

By Jonathan O’Callaghan

Chatroulette has exploded in popularity over the few years, and now it seems the social networking concept has extended even into the realms of drug taking.

PuffPuffChat is a website where people high on marijuana can talk to each other, while rating how high they are on a scale from 0 to 10.

Following in the footsteps of other chat sites, PuffPuffChat connects two strangers and enables them to chat – albeit with that one obvious difference.

When users first log onto the website they are asked ‘How high are you?’

Once a number is selected, the user is then taken into a chat window with a random other user.

While their name is anonymous, how high they are is revealed next to their name.

Users can also use a webcam to have a video chat with others…

Read more:


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