Non-EU emigration triples

The emigration of Portuguese citizens to countries outside of the European Union tripled between 2010 and 2011 according to the OECD’s annual report on migration released.
The OECD points out that emigration from Portugal has been rising since around the middle of the last decade while highlighting the difficulty in ascertaining exact figures and terms its own figures as low in comparison with other estimates.

While in overall terms, the OECD points to annualised emigration practically doubling in 2011, rising from around 23,000 to 44,000, the largest surge came in emigration to non-EU member states, up from 4,300 to 15,500 over this period.

There has also been a steady rise in those heading to traditional destinations already hosting significant Portuguese communities.

For example, the OECD identifies a rise in the numbers heading to both Switzerland, up from 12,800 to 15,4000, and Luxembourg, rising to 5,000 from 3,800 in 2010.

However, the migratory flows are not all in one direction with the OECD saying that immigration into Portugal rose between 2010 and 2011 “despite the difficult economic situation.”

While peaking at an annual rate of 150,000 in 2001, the number of new immigrants arriving in Portugal was put at around 33,000 and up 3,000 on the previous year.

Nevertheless, the number of long term visas granted has been on the decrease with the report identifying a total under 15,000 for 2010, the last year for which there are figures…

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