“Warning” Planet~X 9/11 Was Planned For The Survival Of The Elite From NIBIRU

How do we know something is real? Trust the source? Know the subject well? Have an uncanny hunch? On the other hand, senses can be “tricked”, and tricked well by one’s own interpretation of it.Trust can be broken, intellectual prowess found sadly ungrounded in a concept box and hunches can be just plain wrong. So, where to find a reliable way to know something is true? A precaution could be that relying on one source alone is a narrow spectrum, let alone relegated to a specific medium: However, if patience is employed,along with acceptance and the willingness to explore unusual or bizarre concepts and noticing the enduring presence of a manifestation, however subtle, can go a long ways in securing a hold on the elusive Truth. THEY WILL TAKE DOWN MY CHANNEL SOON JUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH 9/11 WAS A ORGANIZED HIT ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THEY STAGED A FALSE WAR WITH IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN TO MANY SOILDERS DIED IN VAIN FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE ELITE.WHY ELSE WAS THE WAR WAYYY OVER SPENT ON BECAUSE IF OSAMA BIN LADIN WAS DEAD THEIR WAS NO MORE WAR ON TERROR THEY WOULDN’T BE FUNDING THE FALSE WAR SO THEY DRAGGED IT OUT AND STATED HE WAS KILLED BY SPECIAL FORCES IN MAY 2011 THE SPECIAL ARMED FORCES WHO SUPPOSELY KILLED HIM ALL DIED IN A HELICOPTER EXPLOSION SO DEAD MEN DON’T TALK HMMM. THEY FUNDED THE WAR SO LONG EVEN AFTER THE REAL DEATH OF OSAMA BIN LADIN IN 2003 THEY DID IT TO USE THAT MONEY FOR THEIR DEEP UNDER GROUND BASES. DID PLANET X PASS US IN 2011 ? THEY SURE DID A GOOD JOB ON HIDING IT.THE MINI ICE AGE 2011 THE WEIRD WEATHER THE MASS OF ANIMAL DIE OFFS THE EARTHQUAKES THE SUN SETTING IN THE WRONG PLACES THE POLAR SHIFT OF THE MOON.IS PLANET X ON ITS WAY BACK FROM THE SWING AROUND THE SUN ? WILL IT PASS EVEN CLOSER NEXT MONTH OR THE END OF 2013 ? WHAT IF 2012 WAS THE LAST YEAR TO PREPARE FOR THE ELITE SO THEY GAVE US THE MAYAN BULL CRAP AND IT IS ACTUALLY 2013 “THE END DATE” MADE ALOT OF YOU FOLLOWERS OF THE 2012 SCARE DISBELIEVERS OF WHATS TO HAPPEN NOW.THEY AINT TELLING US NOTHING SO WE THE PEOPLE GIVE THESE DATES OUT BECAUSE WE TRUELY DONT KNOW WTF IS GOING ON.WE HAVE TO BE OUR OWN DETECTIVES OUR OWN SCIENTIST. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKIES AND WATCH THE EARTHQUAKES When delving into the existance of Planet X, it’s helpful for the reader to understand how and why a world-wide high-echelon govermental cover-up can exist. The cover-up is both single and complex: the ” don’t go there” rule and the system of how the cover-up is maintained.It is enforced by powerful U.S. agencies with covert opertives doing the dirty work. Complicity is possible as most countries in the world have international agreements. I often refer to U.S.activities as that country has very powerful agencies advancing the cover-up such as the CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA, and Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. media message also tends to dominate the international media as well.From haveing to sign non-disclosure agreements and the unspoken message that if you talk you will not only lose your job but unlikely to get a new one to outright assassination, is the enforcement. Many other methods are employed to keep certain people or organizations in line, plus the smothering of increasing daily evidence. The U.S. agency NASA is very active in issuing junk science designed to distract or lie to the public, in fact almost all the efforts of NASA these days is planed prevarication. There is too much evidence of this to include it in a news story, it is so wide-spread it’s just mind-boggling… http://beforeitsnews.com/watercooler-topics/2013/07/warning-planetx-911-was-planned-for-the-survival-of-the-elite-from-nibiru-2433662.html

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