The World as We Know It Has Changed

Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima I believe that humanity is standing on the brink of a possible worldwide nuclear holocaust. The world as we know it has already changed as the result of radioactive material that has been released into the air and the ocean. I am not an alarmist, but I am alarmed. I know that large quantities of radioactive material are in a precariously unstable situation in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. An inability to effectively keep this material cool could easily result in another nuclear event. Another natural disaster like the recent typhoon or earthquake that occurred October … Continue reading The World as We Know It Has Changed

Seeing through the Deceptions: The Truth about War

Mainstream media consistently distributes disinformation to push the war agendas of the very institutions of power that keep them on the air. Time and again, we have seen how deceptive reports have sent the West headlong into yet another conflict: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria… the list is long and growing. Many media portals exist proclaiming to have real, legitimate news, but unless they are 100% independent it becomes difficult to know to what extent their newscasts are imbued with spin. In battling this onslaught of disinformation, the Global Research website remains completely independent: no funding from governments, foundations or … Continue reading Seeing through the Deceptions: The Truth about War

A $95,000 Truffle? 4 Insane Things Rich People Blow Their Money On

Don’t you wish you had a $4.5 billion gold-plated yacht with a statue made from Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils? Wealthy excess has been a fact of life since the first king convinced local farmers to worship him as a god, but in modern times the wealthy have tended to be a bit more low key with their money. Until recently, anyway. In the five years since the Great Recession vastly increased global inequality to levels not seen since before World War II, the one percent have rediscovered a love for financial largess that rivals the court of Louis XIV. The world’s … Continue reading A $95,000 Truffle? 4 Insane Things Rich People Blow Their Money On

McDonald’s Scam on America

We’re subsidizing the wages and benefits of employees of highly profitable fast food chains. It costs the American taxpayer nearly $7 billion per year. You’ve got to feel for McDonald’s. Every time the misunderstood corporation tries to offer its’ low-wage employees a hand, it backfires. First the fast food giant was ridiculed this past summer for dispensing helpful budgetary advice to its struggling workers (in a nutshell: get another job). Now the company is in hot water again after a recorded call to its’ McResource helpline, in which an employee who reported not being able to make ends meet was … Continue reading McDonald’s Scam on America

Obama stops NSA spying on IMF and World Bank

So let me get this right, the known banking cartel criminals will not be surveilled but innocent civilians will be…how is this keeping us safe? US President Barack Obama has called on the National Security Agency to halt spying on the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in conjunction with a review of surveillance activities, Reuters reported. A US official told the news agency that President Obama curbed the spying within the last few weeks, around the same time he told the NSA to stop eavesdropping on the United Nations headquarters. The NSA’s surveillance of the International … Continue reading Obama stops NSA spying on IMF and World Bank

Helplessness Agenda.

If it’s not obvious enough already, the world is being stealthily submersed into a fishbowl mentality. Apparently we are all being watched. Or so they say. Pretty clever meme if you ask me, further imposing an even deeper subconscious relinquishing of privacy and personal freedom. The more they pound on us in the mainstream media about how pervasive the techno-spying is, the more people get used to the idea, whether it really is all that pervasive or they agree with it or not. After all, they say they’re doing it so it must be true. Fact is, it doesn’t matter … Continue reading Helplessness Agenda.

Belgium considers giving children right to choose euthanasia

Belgium, where euthanasia is already legal for adults over 18 years of age, wants to extend the option to children. If the controversial bill is successful, it will become the first country to grant minors the right to die. The decision would only be legal with parental consent. The country also hopes to give patients with early dementia the same right. The legislation was proposed by the ruling Socialist party. The final decision requires the approval of parliament, which could take months. The bill is facing domestic opposition from the Christian Democratic and Flemish party, which stated that it will … Continue reading Belgium considers giving children right to choose euthanasia

‘X’ gender: Germans no longer have to classify their kids as male or female

Germany has become the first European country to allow parents of babies born with no clearly-defined gender characteristics to leave the ‘male/female’ field on birth certificates blank, creating a ‘third sex’ category in the public register. The law, passed in August, comes into force on November 1. It was prompted by results of a 2012 study by the German Ethics Council, which found the rights of intersex people weren’t protected well enough. The legislation is meant to prevent parents from making haste decisions on controversial genital surgeries for their not-entirely-male-or-female newborns, done to make one of the two gender characteristics … Continue reading ‘X’ gender: Germans no longer have to classify their kids as male or female

By 2042: new Latino-Hispanic majority US population demographic

In 1965, the United States demographic consisted of 90 percent European-Americans, 7 percent African-Americans and 3 percent Latino-Hispanic-Americans. At that time, everyone considered themselves “Americans” in the “Melting Pot” of the great American experiment of a constitutional republic. As with every mixed racial and ethnic country in the world—racism, discrimination and prejudice flourished. ML King, Rodney King riots in LA, Detroit riots in 1968, Selma to Montgomery Freedom March, KKK and hundreds of other events took place. Racial issues command front-page stories in 2013 with “Black Flash Mobs” forming and attacking white Americans. A Latino-American killed a black American in … Continue reading By 2042: new Latino-Hispanic majority US population demographic