‘Any country with a nuclear plant is a bomb factory’

There are countries who are selling nuclear reactors all around the world, which means they are not only selling cancer and leukemia to the future generations, but also atomic bombs, anti-nuclear advocate Dr. Helen Caldicott said in RT’s Google Hangout. During the hangout, Helen Caldicott, answered a variety of RT readers’ questions on topics, ranging from those of immediate importance, like the Fukushima crisis, to the prospects of humanity living through the nuclear age. Q: Should we all move to Africa in case TEPCO fails to remove the spent fuel rods? Helen Caldicott: Number one: this is an impossibility. There … Continue reading ‘Any country with a nuclear plant is a bomb factory’

Les super riches, de 1 à 0,7

“La richesse mondiale a atteint un nouveau record et le monde sera plus riche de 40% en 2018”. Le Crédit Suisse Les jeunes de “Occupy Wall Street” vont devoir réviser leurs slogans : ce n’est plus 1% mais 0,7% des plus riches qui contrôlent aujourd’hui 41% de la richesse mondiale. C’est ce qu’affirme précisément, Jason Bellini, dans le Wall Street Journal (Report//line.wsj.com, 15/10/13). Le journaliste se base sur le dernier rapport 2013 du puissant Crédit Suisse selon lequel ce 0,7% représenterait les personnes dont “les biens ont une valeur nette de plus d’un million de dollars US”. Soit 32 millions … Continue reading Les super riches, de 1 à 0,7

Surveiller les algorithmes

De plus en plus souvent, des algorithmes décident de notre rapport au monde. Que ce soit pour nous mettre en relation avec d’autres sur des sites de rencontres ou pour estimer notre capacité de crédit, pour nous diriger dans la ville via nos GPS voir même pour nous autoriser à retirer de l’argent à un distributeur automatique… les algorithmes se sont infiltrés dans notre vie quotidienne sans notre consentement et modulent notre rapport au monde sans que nous soyons vraiment au courant de leur existence, de l’ampleur de leur action, de leur pouvoir et des critères qu’ils utilisent pour décider … Continue reading Surveiller les algorithmes

Iran Hangs 4 Bankers For Fraud

Four Iranian Bankers Sentenced to Hang; Iran Leads America As an example of justice for the people, Iran sentenced four banksters Monday to hang for their role in the Persian state’s largest-ever fraud scandal. In addition to the four capital cases, thirty-five other defendants face punishments ranging from life imprisonment to “flogging and fines,” according toBBC News. The scandal stems from charges issued in Sept. 2011 that some of the defendants forged documents on the behalf of an investment company to secure loans for the purchase of state-owned properties during a four-year period under the government’s privatization scheme. In all, … Continue reading Iran Hangs 4 Bankers For Fraud

Bombshell! Barack Obama High School Classmate Reveals That He Was A Well Known Homosexual (VIDEO & AUDIO)

The truth finally comes out It took awhile, but now childhood friends of president Barack Obama are now coming forward to reveal a past that included massive cocaine use, rampant homosexuality and uncontrollable lying. At the very least, the events related to Obamacare in the past 2 weeks show beyond question is affinity for relentless, pathological lying. High school classmate and childhood friend, Maria Pope, has given an interview where she blows the lid of of Barry Soetoro’s wicked past. She reveals that it was open for all to see back then that he spent most of his time with … Continue reading Bombshell! Barack Obama High School Classmate Reveals That He Was A Well Known Homosexual (VIDEO & AUDIO)

Measuring consciousness

Scientists have come up with a tool that could help treat coma patients The French philosopher René Descartes believed consciousness was something that lay outside the material world in a separate realm of its own. Now an international team has shown that, material or not, it is measurable. For the first time, Marcello Massimini at the University of Milan in Italy and his colleagues have come up with an index of consciousness. Not only could that help trauma surgeons assess a patient’s level of consciousness, it offers researchers a tool for developing ways to rouse people from coma. “It’s a … Continue reading Measuring consciousness

5 Essential Online Security Tips For Your Family

If you are the most technical person in your neighborhood, then chances are you have become the local unofficial tech support rep for your circle of friends and family. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, you know…as long as you are more technically capable than the rest of your family, you will never have to look for extra work in your spare time. You will help them recover lost files, connect their laptopsto printers, clean up malware, and explain to them why the “internet is not working” on their mobile phonesor tablets. And when your job is finally … Continue reading 5 Essential Online Security Tips For Your Family

iPads Banned from Cabinet Meetings Over Surveillance Fears

Via: Telegraph: The securities services fear foreign intelligence agencies have developed the ability to turn mobile devices such as phones and tablets into bugs without the owner’s knowledge, allowing them to eavesdrop on confidential meetings. iPads were used this week during a presentation by Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, on how the Government Digital Service could save the Government £2bn a year. But after the presentation they were swiftly removed by No 10’s security staff to prevent Cabinet discussions being picked up, according to a report in the Mail on Sunday. It is feared China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan … Continue reading iPads Banned from Cabinet Meetings Over Surveillance Fears

You Snooze, You Lose? Wrong. Russell Foster on the Science of Sleep

Russell Foster thinks you should get more shut-eye – and he should know. A professor of circadian neuroscience at the University of Oxford, Foster has spent his life studying the human body clock and trying to answer the question: What happens during the more than one-third of our lives that we spend sleeping? The short answer: a lot more than you think. Every living thing is regulated by a roughly 24-hour internal clock, which keeps ticking even when there is no light around to signal what time it is. But here’s where things get tricky. There isn’t just one body … Continue reading You Snooze, You Lose? Wrong. Russell Foster on the Science of Sleep

Parents fear that ‘toxic’ music videos mean their children aspire to having casual sex

Eight out of ten children are repeating sexualised lyrics and copying provocative dance moves, according to a Netmums survey Music videos have become a “toxic” mixture of casual sex and violence and parents believe today’s pop stars have gone too far, according to the founder of a parenting website. Siobhan Freegard, of Netmums, said parents are sick of their children being exposed to “lewd” viewing prior to the 9pm watershed. According to the website’s survey of 1,500 people, some 82 per cent of children are repeating sexualised lyrics or copying provocative dance moves without knowing their meaning. But some parents … Continue reading Parents fear that ‘toxic’ music videos mean their children aspire to having casual sex