Knowledge Is Easy, Ignorance Is Hard (5 Ways To Win)

It wasn’t that long ago when, if you had an unanswered question, or didn’t know the name of a song, the only option was total ignorance. In fact, ignorance was the normal way of life, and true knowledge was really hard to achieve. Most people still act like knowledge is scarce and ignorance is easy. But in fact the opposite is now true. On a long drive recently, the radio blasted a song that I didn’t know the name of. My Moto X phone was on the dash, so I just said: “OK Google Now. What song is playing?” After … Continue reading Knowledge Is Easy, Ignorance Is Hard (5 Ways To Win)

9 Maps to Change How You See the World

Maps give us a graphic understanding of the world around us – whether it be global geography or the tricky intersection just around the corner. They help us to grasp concepts of size and distance… but what about IQ scores and vegetation? Or flags? This creative and varied collection of world maps will open your mind, no matter where you live or how much coffee you’ve had today. Continue reading 9 Maps to Change How You See the World

What Is the Point of the Female Orgasm?

A new study examines “orgasmability” to determine whether it serves a purpose or is just an evolutionary accident There may be few questions of human sexuality more rancorous than those about the female orgasm. Scientists agree that women probably started having orgasms as a by-product of men having them, similar to how men have nipples because women have them. As Elisabeth Lloyd, a philosopher of science and theoretical biologist at Indiana University put it in her 2005 book The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution: “Females get the erectile and nervous tissue necessary for orgasm … Continue reading What Is the Point of the Female Orgasm?

The Psychology Of Loving Heavy Metal

Fans of contemporary heavy metal tend to share a dislike of authority and a bit of a self-esteem problem, one study finds. You can tell a lot about someone from their taste in music. Especially if they have a penchant for contemporary heavy metal. Researchers at the University of Westminster in the U.K. recently turned their scientific attention toward heavy metal music, examining what makes a connoisseur of metal, psychologically speaking. They found that many heavy metal aficionados shared a particular pattern of personality traits. In a study published in Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, a total of … Continue reading The Psychology Of Loving Heavy Metal

Venezuela forces retailer to lower prices

Venezuelan troops have occupied stores of the chain electronics company known as Daka in an attempt to force the retailer to sell products at cheap prices. Authorities sent Members of Venezuela’s National Guard to Daka’s five stores on Saturday. According to reports, hundreds of people lined up outside the Daka stores hoping for bargain. “Inflation is killing us… something had to be done. I think it is right to make people sell things at fair prices,” said Carlos Rangel, who was among the people queuing outside a Daka store in the capital city of Caracas. In a speech on Saturday, … Continue reading Venezuela forces retailer to lower prices

Israel boosts attack on Iran nuclear deal after ‘productive’ Geneva talks

Israel is ramping up its effort to prevent a deal with Iran, which is sees as a serious threat to its national security. It comes after French intervention stalled high-level talks aimed at resolving the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program. As delegations from Iran and six leading nations were locked in negotiations in Geneva, the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was continuing to advocate against dealing with Tehran. Over the weekend, Netanyahu called his British PM David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to promote Tel Aviv’s position, he told his Cabinet on Sunday. “I told them that … Continue reading Israel boosts attack on Iran nuclear deal after ‘productive’ Geneva talks

Should young children have the right to die?

FEW situations could be more distressing. Femke, a girl aged 14, has terminal bone cancer, cannot tolerate the pain and wants to die. The Belgian government is proposing to grant such a wish. It wants to legalise euthanasia for children of all ages – the first country in the world to do so. The change in the law, which is likely to be voted on in 2014, has the broad backing of political parties and the majority of the public. In 2000, the Netherlands became the first country to allow euthanasia. The law applies to anyone aged 12 and above … Continue reading Should young children have the right to die?

Watch Greece – it may be the next Weimar Germany

by Aristides N. Hatzis Financial Times November 7, 2013 Since the 2012 summer elections, Greece has rumbled with echoes of the Weimar Republic. There was no doubt that the composition of the Greek legislature was the worst in modern history. Parliament now contains the full spectrum of authoritarians: neo-Nazis, Stalinists and Maoists together with radical leftwingers, populist rightwingers and numerous defenders of paranoid conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, for more than a year the situation looked superficially bearable. Greece has a strong coalition government trying to implement reforms, cut government spending and restore our economy. But to keener observers, failures outweigh the successes. … Continue reading Watch Greece – it may be the next Weimar Germany