Do We Live in the Matrix?

Tests could reveal whether we are part of a giant computer simulation — but the real question is if we want to know… In the 1999 sci-fi film classic The Matrix, the protagonist, Neo, is stunned to see people defying the laws of physics, running up walls and vanishing suddenly. These superhuman violations of the rules of the universe are possible because, unbeknownst to him, Neo’s consciousness is embedded in the Matrix, a virtual-reality simulation created by sentient machines. The action really begins when Neo is given a fateful choice: Take the blue pill and return to his oblivious, virtual … Continue reading Do We Live in the Matrix?

Hottest Place on Earth

About this Image The Dasht-e Lut salt desert in southeast Iran is captured in this stunning space wallpaper. The desert is often called the ‘hottest place on Earth’ as satellites measured record surface temperatures there for several years. The highest land surface temperature ever recorded was in the Lut Desert in 2005 at 159.3°F (70.7ºC), as measured by NASA’s Aqua satellite. Credit: ESA Continue reading Hottest Place on Earth

Menstrual Cycle Influences Concussion Outcomes

Researchers found that women injured during the two weeks leading up to their period (the premenstrual phase) had a slower recovery and poorer health one month after injury compared to women injured during the two weeks directly after their period or women taking birth control pills. The University of Rochester study was published today in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. If confirmed in subsequent research, the findings could alter the treatment and prognosis of women who suffer head injuries from sports, falls, car accidents or combat. Several recent studies have confirmed what women and their physicians anecdotally have known … Continue reading Menstrual Cycle Influences Concussion Outcomes

Can Certain Herbs Stave Off Alzheimer’s Disease?

Enhanced extracts made from special antioxidants in spearmint and rosemary improve learning and memory, a study in an animal model at Saint Louis University found. “We found that these proprietary compounds reduce deficits caused by mild cognitive impairment, which can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease,” said Susan Farr, Ph.D., research professor geriatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Farr added, “This probably means eating spearmint and rosemary is good for you. However, our experiments were in an animal model and I don’t know how much — or if any amount — of these herbs people would have to … Continue reading Can Certain Herbs Stave Off Alzheimer’s Disease?

An emerging threat: Greater manipulation of food on an atomic scale

For many years there have been concern about chemicals added to foods to enhance color, flavor, and shelf life. There has also been concern over the use of genetic modifications to crops and to increase yields and disease resistance. But there is a less heard of, multi-billion dollar industry which is gaining an ever increasing foothold in the market and in the imaginations of the corporate, profit-obsessed food industry. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of materials on a scale of less than 100 nanometres (nm). To put that into perspective a human hair is 80,000nm across. These technologies are able to … Continue reading An emerging threat: Greater manipulation of food on an atomic scale

Transhuman: Radical life extension in the quest for immortality

The question is, Do you want to live forever? In the following short documentary you will learn about the typical worldview of Transhumanists. It is, in my opinion, philosophically and technologically interesting to explore, but ultimately naive and dismissive of the concepts surrounding consciousness and the soul. Perhaps, the most troubling aspect of Transhumanism not addressed here is that not all of it will be elective. In fact, it might be downright selective. From DNA nanobots to the entire restructuring of the human genome, the corporate state aligned with the medical-military-industrial complex might demand that we are “optimized” and “efficient” … Continue reading Transhuman: Radical life extension in the quest for immortality

Google Funds Creation of Secretive Avatar-Style Virtual Reality

Second Life founder behind new project that plans to immerse people in Star Trek-like CGI environments within six years Google is funding a secretive project that will use millions of linked computers to create an Avatar-like virtual reality world in which people could live, interact, and even have sex. The idea sounds like a rudimentary version of the 1999 science fiction thriller The Thirteenth Floor, in which supercomputers create a simulated reality populated by human characters who don’t know that they are living in an artificially generated world. Second Life founder Philip Rosedale, the program’s architect, says the idea is … Continue reading Google Funds Creation of Secretive Avatar-Style Virtual Reality

Dogs Likely Originated in Europe More Than 18,000 Years Ago

Wolves likely were domesticated by European hunter-gatherers more than 18,000 years ago and gradually evolved into dogs that became household pets, UCLA life scientists report. “We found that instead of recent wolves being closest to domestic dogs, ancient European wolves were directly related to them,” said Robert Wayne, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology in UCLA’s College of Letters and Science and senior author of the research. “This brings the genetic record into agreement with the archaeological record. Europe is where the oldest dogs are found.” The UCLA researchers’ genetic analysis is published Nov. 15 in the journal Science … Continue reading Dogs Likely Originated in Europe More Than 18,000 Years Ago

Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed: Supernormal?

From: RealitySandwich “Did Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Milarepa and other iconic religious figures endure because they were charismatic, enlightened beings with profound insights into the nature of reality, or because they possessed supernormal abilities?” We begin with a simple question: Was Buddha just a nice guy? Did Buddha’s teachings thrive because he was more attractive or charismatic than most, or because he was a great teacher and a tireless advocate of the poor? Or—and here’s the core question we’ll explore in detail—was it also because he was an enlightened being with profound insights into the nature of Reality, and because … Continue reading Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed: Supernormal?

The 10 Giant Corporations That Have Taken Over Much of Our Economy

There was a time when there was competition in the American marketplace, when one corporation didn’t own 200 other companies — that time is long gone. There isn’t much diversity in America’s economic web of life. An image that was first posted on Reddit last year, and was recently grabbed by the folks over at PolicyMic, shows just how out-of-control corporate America has become in the years since Ronald Reagan stopped enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Right now, there are 10 giant corporations that control, either directly or indirectly, virtually everything we buy. These corporations are Kraft, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, … Continue reading The 10 Giant Corporations That Have Taken Over Much of Our Economy