Considering the Humanity of Nonhumans

“Beings who recognize themselves as ‘I’s.’ Those are persons.” That was the view of Immanuel Kant, said Lori Gruen, a philosophy professor at Wesleyan University who thinks and writes often about nonhuman animals and the moral and philosophical issues involved in how we treat them. She was responding to questions in an interview last week after advocates used a new legal strategy to have chimpanzees recognized as legal persons, with a right to liberty, albeit a liberty with considerable limits. The Nonhuman Rights Project, an advocacy group led by Steven M. Wise, filed writs of habeas corpus in New York … Continue reading Considering the Humanity of Nonhumans

A Quick Guide to Changing the World – Seriously

The solution revolution—the convergence of money and meaning, problem solvers and “patient” capital, governments and citizen (and commercial) changemakers—is underway. But while it flourishes in some parts of the world, other regions are still sitting on the sidelines. So the question becomes: What can we do to accelerate the solution economy? Here are six strategies—over-arching principles applicable to business, government, foundations, investors, and social enterprises—that can really grow this revolution. 1) Change the Lens: Use a Different View to Reveal Both Blind Spots and Untapped Opportunity Start by asking: What is my goal?” Forget for a moment about how you … Continue reading A Quick Guide to Changing the World – Seriously

Is Capitalism in Trouble?

CEOs are growing nervous. Can they help save our system from its worst excesses? On a Wednesday in mid-September, some 30 entrepreneurs from around the world put on boots and blue jeans and spent four hours digging out Namaste Solar, a solar-power company in Boulder, Colorado, from under three feet of mud. The international cleanup crew was in town for the annual conference of B Lab, a global organization of for-profit businesses (known as B Corps) that choose to legally bind themselves to meeting social and environmental objectives. Namaste Solar is one of the world’s 830 certified B Corps, and … Continue reading Is Capitalism in Trouble?

Frustrated Chinese Owner Smashes His Maserati with Sledgehammers

The Chinese owner of a Maserati Quattroporte worth $423,000 paid three men two smash it with sledgehammers at the 2013 Qingdao Auto Show, because he was disappointed with the way the car dealer had fixed it. The man known only as Wang told Chinese media he had bought the car in 2011 and was forced to bring it back for repairs only two months later. He said the dealer charged him for new parts, but they really replaced the faulty components with second-hand ones. Later, the staff failed to fix a problem with the car door and even managed to … Continue reading Frustrated Chinese Owner Smashes His Maserati with Sledgehammers

No Internet, No Cable, No Problem – Canadian Family Lives Like It’s 1986

Most people couldn’t imagine a day without their fancy smartphones, but a family in Guelph, Canada has decided to shun all post-1986 technology from their lives for a whole year, as part of a social experiment. It all started last year when Blair McMillan asked his five-year old son if he wanted to come outside and play, only to realize that even on a perfect summer day the child preferred to stay indoors and play video games on an iPad. He started thinking about his own childhood and how today’s youth have become so dependent on modern technology like computers, … Continue reading No Internet, No Cable, No Problem – Canadian Family Lives Like It’s 1986

Brazilian Man to Marry Pet Goat in Devil’s Curch

Aparecido Castaldo, a retired stone cutter from Jundiai, Brazil has decided to marry his beloved Carmella, a goat. Because no Christian minister would agree to perform the marriage ceremony, the two will be wed by a known satanic leader, in the Church of the Devil. People have married their pets in the past, although in most cases the marriage ceremony was just a symbolic one performed by family or friends. However, 74-year old Aparecido Castaldo, a widower and father-of-seven, apparently wanted to be united with his goat Carmela in a church, by an evangelical minister. Unfortunately, none of the churches … Continue reading Brazilian Man to Marry Pet Goat in Devil’s Curch

Mind-Reading Headphones Play Music Based on Your Mood

Finding the right song to suit your mood can be pretty frustrating, but thanks to the new Mico mind-reading headphones from Japanese company Neurowear, you won’t have to scroll through your playlist anymore. They’ll just scan your brain and play the perfect song. The Mico mind-reading system is made up of two parts: a pair of bulky headphones and an iPhone app. The headphones come with a forehead sensor that analyzes the user’s brainwaves to detect his mood, then connects to the Mico database via the iPhone application and selects the song that best fits his current state, from a … Continue reading Mind-Reading Headphones Play Music Based on Your Mood

Music Anywhere – Guy Implants Headphone in His Ear

If you find headphones uncomfortable, or if you’re sick of always having to untangle their wires, you might want to take a cue from Rich Lee, a body-enhancement enthusiast who recently implanted a small magnet headphone directly into his ear. Rich Lee is what’s known as a “bodyhacker” or “grinder”, a person who experiments with surgical implants or technological body-enhancements in order to expand human capacities. He was recently featured on Humanity+, a technology and science-focused magazine, for a unique type of implant. Lee had a small magnet embedded into his tragus, the small piece of cartilage directly outside the … Continue reading Music Anywhere – Guy Implants Headphone in His Ear

The Truth about “Heaven’s Trail”, the Infamous Photo That Captured the Imagination of Millions

By Sumitra on December 11th, 2013 Heaven’s Trail is a breathtaking photograph that went viral almost the moment it was published online a couple of years ago. Like most good things on the internet, the original source was soon lost; no one had any idea where the picture was clicked, or even if it was real. One explanation on the internet was: “There’s this place in Ireland where every two years, the stars line up with this trail on June 10th to June 18th. It’s called Heaven’s Trail.” Many thought that the view in the picture was impossible. They assumed … Continue reading The Truth about “Heaven’s Trail”, the Infamous Photo That Captured the Imagination of Millions

Thinking May Become Obsolete!

One of the most common complaints about social media is the banality of some status updates. Do we really need to know what our friends had for breakfast, or whether they couldn’t get the stain out of their favourite shirt? It can be difficult to think of an endless supply of snappy statuses which are guaranteed to entertain and delight our friends, but have no fear, technology has the answer. Now, there is a website that will compose you a delightfully whimsical status update and save you the tedious effort of having to think of one yourself. “What Would I … Continue reading Thinking May Become Obsolete!