José Carlos Cruz completes”world’s first cork-clad hotel”

Portuguese architect José Carlos Cruz claims to have built the world’s first cork-clad hotel, located amongst the olive and cork trees of Portugal’s Alentejo region (+ slideshow).

Situated outside the city of Évora, the Ecork Hotel comprises a cork-clad restaurant and leisure complex with 56 hotel suites contained in a series of adjacent bungalows.

José Carlos Cruz and his design team chose cork to clad the walls of the main building because it is both readily available and highly insulating.

“Portugal is the second biggest exporter of cork in the world, so we thought it would be a good starting point for the building,” project architect António Cruz told Dezeen.

There are only a few small openings in the outer walls of the building, creating large uninterrupted surfaces of the material.

“One of our intentions was to promote cork as a cladding material,” said Cruz. “It’s a good thermal insulator and is also recyclable.”…

Cork-clad Ecork Hotel in Portugal by José Carlos Cruz



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