It’s True–the Snow Does NOT Melt and STRONG CHEMICAL Odor! See For Yourself In My Own Video Demonstration. (VIDEO)

Well, it’s true! The snow does not melt; rather, it disappears! There was a distinct chemical odor in the air, like burning syrup and plastic.  In fact, I have allergies, including to chemical smells/fumes.  My right eye began to get a strange achy feeling, and is just now starting to go away.

This is NOT snow! This obviously has ‘some’ water in it, but is majority HEAVY chemicals! Try it for yourself and see! What are they putting in our atmosphere? Is this the result of long-term use of chemtrails? Are they dumping something else into our atmosphere? Could it have to do with Fukushima? All of the above? What on earth are we getting wet with when it rains?

Now, if you let the snow sit, it will naturally melt. However, the purpose of heating it with a lighter is that chemicals will burn instantly whereas water takes a while to dissipate. Furthermore, if you let it melt naturally, you will not get as much water as you should given the amount of snow you started with. And, there are no smells or fumes created by heating water.

DO NOT let your kids eat or play in it! Watch my video demo below to see for yourself.

As a side note, I have not noticed hardly any birds around all winter, and there are always birds—blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, and even blackbirds.  I have seen one Robin the other day, who probably just returned from migration. Who knows! But that is really strange too! Where did they go? Did they die?





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