Strange Snow – Indisputable Proof (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Quite the debate on Thursday over the “fake snow” issue where dozens of people conducted their own experiments on the snow outside their homes, in different states, with different results based on where they lived. Some claiming the “melting” process of snow melting with no water, no puddles was somehow “normal.”

Well folks, forget the lighters, forget the propane fire and forget about the snow turning black, just watch the video below where a man takes shavings from his very own freezer and a snowball from outside his home and holds both the same distance away from his wood burning stove…… guess which starts melting and which doesn’t in just 11 seconds…… then guess which hasn’t produced one drop of water after two whole minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reasons can be debated all day long, but the fact that this snow doesn’t melt right while the same size ball made from freezer shavings does…… is indisputable.

Note- This isn’t to say the snow isn’t “snow”, or that it is fake….. but something is off, strange, weird, whatever descriptor you want to use, THAT is what is indisputable.

Debunk THIS folks!


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