California drought bare: Photos show how reservoir is almost COMPLETELY dry as NASA is brought in to help with the crisis

ByAssociated Pressand Daily Mail Reporters

Before: In 2011, the Californian dam was almost full, sitting at a capacity of 97 percent

  • Folson  Lake, northeast of Sacramento California, has lost 80 percent of its water  capacity in 2.5 years
  • Pictures  released by NASA this week show the dam almost full in 2011 with a capacity of  97 percent
  • Today it  stands at 17 percent
  • Lake is so low the remains of a Gold  Rush-era ghost town – which was flooded to create  the lake in the 1950s – are  visible for the first time in years
  • Governor Jerry Brown has declared a  drought emergency, seeking federal aid as water drops dangerously low and  proposing a $687.4 million relief package
  • Ten rural communities have fewer than 60  days’ supply of water
  • NASA is now  working with the California Department of Water Resources to help the state  manage its water resources

After: The capacity of Folsom Lake last month was just 17 percent, a whopping 80 percent lower than what it was 2.5 years ago



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