Codex Seraphinianus: the Most Mysterious and Weird Book Ever

by Anna LeMind

It consists of 360 pages and describes a fantasy world with highly abstract and surreal illustrations. For example, you can find the depiction of a couple of lovers turning into an alligator or a ripe fruit dripping blood…

The book is called Codex Seraphinianus, and this is an illustrated encyclopedia of a secret and unexplored world.

Even today the book is an enigma for linguists, who cannot figure out the way to decipher the alphabet used for this spooky tale.

The person behind this weird book, which was issued in 1981, is called Luigi Serafini and is an Italian artist and designer. It took him about 30 months to complete the coded language used in the book.

When asked about the used syntax, Serafini said that much of the written text was the result of “automatic writing“. At the same time, he wanted to recreate the feeling experienced by children who do not fully understand what they read and thus understand it in their own unique way.

It is indicative of the reception of the book by recognized writers like Italo Calvino wrote laudatory comments about Serafini.

It has become difficult to find a copy of the book, but it is available for download in the full-text form in the PDF format.

Here are some mind-blowing illustrations from the book (click on the picture to open the whole gallery):


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