Europe’s peace at risk: World leaders say Russian invasion of Ukraine could spiral into ‘biggest international crisis since Cold War’


.Occupation of Crimea called ‘biggest international crisis since Cold War’
.Ukraine’s acting PM described Russian behaviour as ‘declaration of war’
.Putin insists he reserves right to take military action in region
.William Hague warned Russia of ‘consequences and costs’ today
.Miliband’s refusal to back intervention in Syria to blame – senior Tories
.Britain’s ministers will boycott Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia
.Ukrainian PM says his nation will ‘never’ give up Crimea
.UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urges Russia to exercise restraint

ByJames Chapman

World leaders said yesterday that Russia’s  invasion of Ukraine threatened to spiral into the biggest international crisis  since the end of the Cold War.

On a dramatic day of escalation in what the  US called an ‘incredible act of aggression’ by Moscow, there were warnings that  the standoff threatens peace in Europe.

And today leaders of Europe and the U.S.  called on Russia to act with ‘self-restraint’ and ‘responsibility’ and urged  them to ease tensions in Crimea.

Ukraine’s acting prime minister, Arseniy  Yatseniuk, said today his country would  never give up Crimea.

Russian forces have taken control of the  Black Sea peninsula, which is part of Ukraine, but Yatseniuk told  reporters:  ‘No one will give up Crimea to anyone.’…

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