What I Have Found

by Angie Riedel (1956-2013)

It was somewhere around 2004 that I first ran across David Icke online. Someone had posted a video of one of his day-long slide presentations at a theater in England. It was just him up on a stage talking to a full house of people listening intently to his every word.

I started to watch it and was immediately engrossed in what he was saying. He was saying what I was seeing. He was making sense. He was stringing together all of the pieces like beads on a necklace and revealing how they were all connected.

I was so excited. At last, here was somebody talking about the things I was trying so hard to gain insight about. I had done the rounds and never found anything that felt real to me. It was a waste of time going to political web sites, especially the supposedly popular ones. All they did was go around and around and manufacture tangled plates of talk spaghetti. They accomplished nothing. They provided no insights. It was a great big endless taffy pull of ‘he said – she said’ and upholding the same viewpoints and framing of officialdom and big media. It all stayed on the same mainstream acre and never strayed off it. David Icke swerved all the way off it. He was coming at it from a completely different angle.

The first four hours of that video had me riveted. It was straight facts, history, and connecting the dots. I was starving for it. Here was someone who had some answers. I felt so gratified and was not going to budge until I saw the whole thing. At the end of the fourth hour he told the audience it was time for a lunch break and to go eat something and be back for the next part in an hour. I took fifteen minutes and then fired up the next segment. Everything was going great, then all of a sudden he started talking about lizard people. I will never forget how I felt. I was absolutely livid. I jumped to my feet in outrage. It was some kind of sick joke. The guy had made a fool out of me. I was sorry I’d ever had the misfortune to run across this stupid video. I shut it off and walked away.

I went back to sifting through all kinds of things looking for clues, and reading everything I could get my hands on. I had a lot of catching up to do. I was keeping track of what was happening day to day with the absolute intent of knowing who all those people were in congress by name and by face. I was going to watch them and listen to them until I personally knew who they were. At the same time I was going backward in history to understand a great many events I’d heard of but didn’t honestly know a thing about. Iran Contra, the Kennedy assassinations, the first Iraq war, Colombian drug lords, senators dying in plane crashes, the Franklin Scandal, the CIA, black ops, false flags, Operation Gladio, Operation Mockingbird, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Pan Am/Lockerbie. The list goes on and on. It was pretty damned awful finding out what a bunch of lying, murderous, corrupt men had always been smiling in our faces while doing unspeakable things behind our backs. I was finding out real things, true things that most people didn’t know and it was double damned awful finding out that telling friends about them made me lose all of my friends. They reacted to me as if I had gone over the edge and they were very impatient with me. They didn’t want to hear it. To them I was sadly misinformed and too dull-witted to know how wrong I was. Or just plain crazy






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