How the position you sleep in with your partner reveals the strength of the relationship

Results: Couple who sleep while touching were found to be much happier than those who don't make any contact while sleeping

. Partners who sleep an inch or less apart are happier than those who don’t
. Around 42% of couples sleep back to back while just 4% face each other
. Couples who sleep face to face while touching were the happiest

By Ben Spencer

Are you someone who likes to cuddle up against your partner at night? Or do you tend to wake on the other side of the bed, facing the wall?

New research shows that the position in which we sleep is highly revealing about the strength of our relationships.

The key is the distance between couples, according to a study of 1,100 people.

Partners who sleep less than an inch apart are far more likely to be happy together than those maintaining a gap wider than 30 inches, the researchers found.

And couples who spend the night making physical contact are happier than those who do not touch.

The research, published today at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, expands on work by psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell.

He found people who lie curled up in the ‘full foetal’ position are likely to be indecisive, anxious and sensitive to criticism.

Those who sleep in a ‘semi-foetal’ position, with their knees drawn up, are conciliatory, amenable to compromise, and unlikely to take extreme stances, he said…
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