Creepy website exposes your Facebook profile

By Nicole Weddington

A great deal of buzz is emerging about a new website that mines Facebook data and creates a disturbingly detailed portrait of a person and their life.
This new site goes by the name of Digital Shadow. At first, its intent seems fun and harmless, but look deeper into its invasiveness and curiosity and one can only question its real purpose, along with how this digitally conceived “image” of you can be used – good or bad.
Facebook users are continuously informed of privacy rights and settings, paired with instructions on how to use them. However, at the end of the day, any items posted or uploaded to Facebook stays on their servers, even after you have deleted an account. It becomes their property. It may not be visible, but it is still out there.
What is most eerie about this site is its cold and calculated assessments of life in the future, based on digital gadgets. Go to their website and be welcomed by what sounds like jumbled radio podcasts and statements flashing across the screen:
“You are not an individual. You are a data cluster.”
“Algorithms can predict your interests, your desires, even your fantasies.”
“Your life is measured in gigabytes. Data comes at a cost.”
On the website, login with your Facebook credentials. The site scrapes your Facebook account and quickly spits out your profile, including how you spend your time, what your interests are, how much you make, and even fellow Facebookers who may be “stalking” you.
Its findings also let you learn more about who is closest to you, whom you are obsessed with, and whom you can live without. Unlike some sites though, it doesn’t allow you to buy Facebook likes

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