The Dogs, The Vipers, and The Imbeciles

The Dogs, The Vipers, and The Imbeciles – the tools of The Empire, without whom the ruling Banking Dynasties – the Parasites of the Humanity, couldn’t have been able to subjugate and enslave the humanity, are the prime ‘assets’ of The Empire. Always eager to serve and please their masters, these Dogs and Vipers of the empire devote their lives to promote the culture of hate and distrust among people, gleefully contributing in the poisoning and shredding the fabrics of humanity, enjoy the ‘crumbs’ thrown to them by their masters with utmost thanks.

The Empire owes its existence to its Dogs and Vipers. And, without the support and contribution from The Imbeciles, the Dogs and the Vipers of The Empire couldn’t have succeeded in the serving their masters.

It is still amazing, as well as intriguing, how just the 13 families have been able to subjugate and rule the entire population of more than 6 billion people on this planet. It becomes even more puzzling once you realize that this 6 plus billion population is the producer of all the wealth that, with a single swing of the ruling families’ magic wand, ends up in the coffers of the the ruling families. All the brains that power the Empire of these 13 families, and the labor that keeps on expanding the girth of the Empire, belong to the ruled population of 6 plus billion people.

Ever gave a thought? How it could have been possible?

By any standards of logical reasoning, it doesn’t seems plausible. On the one side we have Thirteen Families – each one headed by a head-of-the-family – in total only 13 people, while on the other side there are 6+ billion people – at least 2 billion of them capable and mature. There seems to be no way for these 13 people to able to put all these people under the yoke. But, somehow, they have pull it through.

It is worthwhile to understand how these 13 families have been able to achieve this marvelous feet. And, that is what we are going to indulge into here.

The Empire – A Numerical Count

At its core, the Empire is comprised of 13 Banking Dynasties that joined together in the central Europe around 250 years ago, which was an era of extreme turmoil. They took advantage of the turbulence in the region and the internal rivalries of the princes, and, through infiltrations and assassinations, took control of the princely wealth and the seats of power in the region. Over the next few decades, they had formed alliances and had expanded their reign of control all over the Europe. By the early 20th century, these ruling banking dynasties had effectively taken over the entire world – they were the real Empire behind the British Empire, and all the other empires and kingdoms in the world.

Though, most of the empires and kingdoms have donned the mask of Democracies, but the same ruling Banking Dynasties still rule the world – or, at least, the western world. To better manage their empire, the core dynasties of the Empire have since extended their court by including the newer member families into its two outer circles. The empire’s outer circles now include the heads of 600 of the most powerful clans on Earth.

These 600 all powerful families collectively rule the world. But, still, it is a count of 600, against the 2,000,000,000 human beings – allegedly capable and mature people.

How this tiny group – the ruling dynasties, could have succeeded in enslaving the humanity?

Actually, the answer is relatively quite simple; By way of incorporating the “Three D” philosophy.

The Philosophy of Ruling

The ruling dynasties didn’t have to invent some thing new, they just had to refine and polish the old dictum:

“Through Division, Delusion, and Deception though shall Rule. “

The power and strength of people is in its unity. The humanity is One Single Unit – One Single Family. As long as people stand united, and refuse to be divided into groups and sub-groups, they cannot be suppressed and subjugated. The ruling Empires – the Parasites of the Humanity, understood this fact very well:

“They would be insuperable if they were inseparable “

Their first objective has always been to divide the humanity, and keep on dividing it further, into so many groups and factions that it should not be recognizable as a ‘single united human family’. Once the people have accepted the divide, making them distrust and hate each other requires little effort.

The Empire has very meticulously divided the humanity into a multitude of factions, groups, and sects, on lines of Sex, Age, Religion & sub-sets of Religion, Color of Skin, Race, Geographical Origin, Economic & Social Status, and so on.

Delusion & Deception:
The Empire of the Banking Dynasties recognizes and understands the innate desire in humans to be good and righteous. A sense of Justice and Goodness is embedded in the human nature. If left to its own devices, humans do tend to revert to their natural state – Kind, Considerate, Curious, and Logical.

If left untended, this natural human state would result in the demise of the tyranny of The Empire – The ruling families couldn’t allow it. They have knitted a Matrix of Delusion & Deception in which they have trapped the public – Most have no clue of the reality of the truth, and are ‘happy’ in the ‘Illusion’ that the Empire has created for them…




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