A Complete Guide: How to Raise Your Kids for Success

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton are the latest examples to prove that in our Good Old United States of America anyone can rise to the top! Your Timmy can also make it to the Top. Have Faith.

There is Always Room at The Top!

Just follow the instruction in This Guide to Raise Your Kids For The Top Slot. But, be advised; it is not for the faint hearts. If you have the delicate constitution and don’t have the stomach for the blunt truth, it may be time for you to STOP here – may we suggest reading about the ‘Prince’ William Arthur Philip Louis and Kate Middleton’s recent trip to New York, instead?

But, if you are determined and hell bent to prepare your kids for the top slot, then here we go.

Your Guide to Prepare Your Kids For The Top Slot

The Preface:
Times are tough, and getting tougher. The cost of education has risen beyond the reach of most of us. Budget cuts are drying up the available grants and scholarships fast. Getting loans for college is becoming even more difficult. In the era long by gone, banks were eager to give loans to anyone pursuing any discipline (or, even no discipline at all!). Time has now changed, banks want to make sure if your Timmy or Tammy, or you for that matter, will have any potential to pay back the four times the amount what they ‘gave’ you. So, a study in fields of “Sociology, Psychology, Fine Arts, and History etc” won’t cut it. You will have to do better than that.

For the ‘run-of-the-mill’ type of job prospects, you can transform your home into a class room – with no TV, music, or games anywhere around, get the best tutoring in the town, push the kids into all the Accelerated, Honors, and AP courses, and hope that your kids will end up in the Top 1% bracket in the entire School District, They may (that is still a BIG may!) get scholarships to cover 25% to 60% of the tuition to pursue higher education leading to a professional degree, i.e., Software Engineering or Medicine/Drugs. They will have to maintain their high GPA all the way to the end, otherwise scholarships are gone.

A risky venture. And, what they are going to make; a meager $45,000 to $150,000 !

Also, all that is based on the assumption that you and your spouse have the education, time, and financial resources (for the tutoring) to help out your kids. If not, don’t even bother.

Forget those meager jobs. Think BIG! Take the proven Path: Follow The Guide that will lead your kids to the path of Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Senators, Governors, Mayors of the Big Four cities, Politicians, Bankers, Film Stars, and Chiefs of the Administrative Bodies.

Remember, it is always better to start early. The best time to start is when your child enters the elementary school. But, it is never too late. Whatever level your kids are in now, you can start implementing the process of “TRAINING & PREPARATION for SUCCESS” as outlined for that level. But reading from the beginning will give you a better perspective of the ‘things’.

Below is your complete step-by-step guide to help prepare your kids, or yourself, for the unfathomable success. And, it is completely FREE – Just remember this Author when your kids, or you, hit the Top Slot!

We are going to walk you up – from the Elementary level to all the way up to the PhD level and beyond. Just follow on – that is, if your Timmy is following the path through the doorways of ‘education’. If not, just hold on, there is another Guide coming out soon: “Pimping Your Way to The Top” – Just don’t lose your hopes. Here, we are leading you through the hallways of the schools and beyond.

Most – almost 99% of the people, still have the illusion that they can work their way up to the top with their hard work and talent alone. Let them remain stuck with their beliefs and suffer the indignities of poverty. I am going to show you the fast and proven way and help you to make your American Dream (or The European Dream) come true.

But, first, understand The System you live in. You will have to Work With The System.

Understanding The System

Take a very serious Note:
It is a Hierarchical System. The “Top” consists of SEVEN LEVELS. The very Top Three Levels of the hierarchy are FULL – Assigned to the Ruling Class – the gods of your world. DO NOT even dream to enter there. Just worship the gods up there.
Your American Dream, I mean the “real one”, should be to reach the Seventh Level – and, trust me, it is quite a HIGH up level – select Senators, Governors, and CEOs of the top 100 corporations belong there – think ‘Mark Tuckerberg‘, and the likes.

From there on, if you made it up to there, and if you have what it takes, you can work hard (!) to inch up to the still open Level – the Fifth Level – That is where the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Western governments belong. ‘Super Billionaires’ and top Think tanks also reside there – the likes of Bill Gate, Henry Kissinger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski. I believe it must be high enough for you and your kids.

The Sacred art of Licking:
Once you recognize this Hierarchical nature of the System, you can easily understand that the real way – the ONLY way, to inch your way up is by licking the A***S of the higher ups on the ladder. But, don’t worry, as you inch up, you will find others below you eager to lick your A*s, too. Very soon you will get used to it and enjoy the licking. So, move ahead…

It is a work of Satire. – Exposing a sad state of affairs with a mix of humor.




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