Metamorphosis of The Empire – Resistance is Futile

The promotion and infusion of ‘western virtues and values’ – greed, promiscuity, and moral degradation, and the glorification of ‘wealth’ and ‘pompousness’, into the fabrics of Chinese society suggest that China has fallen into the trap the same Western Empire that had devoured the West.

In this essay – The final in the series, we analyze and interpret the events in China with this perspective.

P r e f a c e

China has emerged as the New Powerhouse on the global stage. And, The Empire has made its decision again; China has to be The New Seat of The Empire, and The United States has to submit and surrender. There is no place for the Unites States of America in the New World – The Empire will provide for the systemic “breakdown” and disintegration of the Union.

China’s rule will be absolute. The Empire will survive and thrive, though under the Chinese robe.

These are the dreams and aspirations of both the Old and New Empires. But, there may be some very serious problems waiting in the wing.

Since the end of Mao era in 1976, and in particular since after the year 2003, China has gone through some very deep rooted policy shifts and changes. The alliances and accommodations that were made with the Old Empire during that period are bearing fruits now – And, the fruits are very poisonous – for the people.

Both Flanks of the Empire have the same worry; some hot heads – both in the PLA and within The Party, may decide to intervene in the ‘most inappropriate’ manner – and at the most ‘most inappropriate’ time.

And, on the Chinese front, Mr. Xi Jinping is fully aware of these dangers, and taking all the necessary preemptive actions to avoid the possibility of any undesired intervention at the wrong time. The stacks are too high to leave any thing to chances.

Chinese Accommodation

During the period of 1978 – 1980 some strategic policy adjustments and accommodations were made between the Western Powers and China. China’s initial trajectory, as set in motion during the Mao era, was to take China into the upper echelon of high-tech and heavy industry, bestowing upon it military superiority and dominance. But, there were no provisions for individual “wealth” for the “chosen” elites of the Old Gang of the Communist Party.

Since 1972, when President Richard Nixon traveled to China and met with Mao Zedong, the lure of “wealth” had been dangling in front of the Party Leadership. It was only the presence of Mao that was keeping every one on the austerity wagon, otherwise, for many of them, the shine of wealth was too much to resist. Deng Xiaoping represented the faction that wanted to change the course of China and align it with the West for the benefit of the Leadership – The Chinese Elites.

Upon Mao’s death Deng Xiaoping took over the leadership of China and introduced Economic Reforms and The Open Door Policy initiative – It was the door that was opened to the Western Empire. From that moment on, China’s trajectory had been changed to coincide with that of the West – to create maximum wealth for the Chinese Elites.

Despite many attempts by the opposition within, and the multiple purges of the Party Cadre and PLA Command, China has since been on course. Now, it is the term of Mr. Xi Jinping, and he is working diligently to keep China on course to its Predestined Destiny to assume the Throne and be the Face of The New Empire.

Xi Jinping has a very important role to play.

The Kingly Xi Jinping

Mr. Xi Jinping is the current face of the emerging Chinese Empire. From Australia and New Zealand to the US, he is being accorded the royal treatment. He is the main character in the mega episode, “The Metamorphosis of The Empire“. It is prudent to know and recognize the projected face of the Envisioned New Empire.

Xi Jinping is the leader of the People’s Republic’s fifth generation of leadership – The Princely Leadership. He holds the top offices of the party, state, and military as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the President of the People’s Republic of China, and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission…



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