We Are All Atheists

by Jeff Schweitzer, Scientist and former White House Senior Policy Analyst; Ph.D. in marine biology/neurophysiology So a Rabbi and an Atheist walk into a bar. What is funny about this joke entree is that the encounter made real news, in the form of a nice talk about good and evil, with the implication that an atheist cannot tell the difference. In another bulletin, a vast majority of Americans admit they do not want atheists to marry their children. Atheist in-laws are a taboo. Trouble in Paradise Eschewing relatives who reject the idea of god is just a small glimpse of … Continue reading We Are All Atheists

Discovery of ‘Alien’ DNA in Human Genome Challenges Darwin’s Theory

The Abydos carvings showing a helicopter and other futuristic Vehicles Located in the Temple of Seti The First – Abydos, Egypt By 21wire How will the scientific community deal with these new anomalies? Scientists are now finding clues as to the beginning is the creation of Earth. Research from the University of Cambridge have discovered what appears to be ‘foreign’ DNA – 145 genes that may threaten one of modern orthodoxy’s sacred cows: Darwin’s theory of evolution. This latest discovery has invigorated curiosity of those seeking answers to the question which was brought into mainstream discourse following the release of … Continue reading Discovery of ‘Alien’ DNA in Human Genome Challenges Darwin’s Theory

Inside the mind of God

A Siberian Shaman. Photo by Alexander Nikolsky/The Siberian Times Punitive Big Brother; cosmic petty-thief-catcher; vigilant landlord. Why is God so interested in bad behaviour? by Benjamin Grant Purzycki (Benjamin Grant Purzycki is an anthropologist working at the Centre for Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.) Edited by Pam Weintraub Of all humanity’s eccentricities, religion could very well be the most baffling. Even though no one has produced a fleck of evidence for the existence of the gods, people will engage in repetitive, often taxing behaviours, under the impression that some ethereal being out … Continue reading Inside the mind of God

I Just Threw out All My Toxic Nail Polish: Really, Why Are We Doing This to Ourselves, Ladies?

by Melissa Melton Hey everyone… So, I’ve got a shameful admission: up until a month ago, I still periodically painted my fingernails with toxic, potentially carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting chemicals. I know I know!! I spend a lot of my time researching healthy living. Making sure I eat organic and local. Making sure I drink water that’s been filtered to remove toxic chemicals including fluoride. Making sure I take responsibly sourced nutritional supplements and making sure I use organic bath and body products like Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soaps, which have some 18 uses the least of which is as an … Continue reading I Just Threw out All My Toxic Nail Polish: Really, Why Are We Doing This to Ourselves, Ladies?

Radiation in Japanese Green Tea

by Harvey Wasserman Four years after the multiple explosions and melt-downs at Fukushima, it seems the scary stories have only just begun to surface. Given that Japan’s authoritarian regime of Shinzo Abe has cracked down on the information flow from Fukushima with a repressive state secrets act, we cannot know for certain what’s happening at the site. According to the New York Times, a sample of powdered tea imported from the Japanese prefecture of Chiba, just southeast of Tokyo, contained traces of radioactive cesium 137. We do know that 300 tons of radioactive water have been pouring into the Pacific … Continue reading Radiation in Japanese Green Tea