Why I Hate Society but Love Humanity

by Waking Times Video – Modern day poet Jamie Dunmore created this spoken word video to highlight how humanity is slowly losing its sense of purpose and reality, as people progress through the ages. http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/03/28/why-i-hate-society-but-love-humanity/   Continue reading Why I Hate Society but Love Humanity

How Our Brains Get Over Bad Breakups

Photo Illustration by Quinn Ryan/The Daily Beast by Charlotte Lytton Great news for the lovelorn: our neurons are hardwired to help us move on from romantic rejection. Ever worried about the toll your disastrous love life is taking on your mental health? Now you can officially put those fears to bed as it turns out we’re much better at dealing with heartbreak than we might have thought. A new research review has revealed that our brains are hardwired to handle falling out of romantic relationships and into new ones—meaning the devastation of breaking up isn’t, well, all that devastating. “Our … Continue reading How Our Brains Get Over Bad Breakups

Interstellar – The Secret Revelation

by Jay Dyer, Contributor, Waking Times Spoilers ahead. Interstellar is a grandiose film about a great number of serious philosophical and scientific concepts. It’s also about a host other things, such as love, life, mistakes, meaning, etc., so knowing where to start an anlysis is a bit challenging, though as many of my friends have said, it seems to be the perfect “JaysAnalysis” movie. I concur. Many sites that have posted analyses make the correct point of viewing it as Christopher Nolan’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and while that is fine as far as it goes, it also departs from … Continue reading Interstellar – The Secret Revelation

The Secret Satanic Messages in Disney Cartoons and Hollywood

By Marcie Gainer The secret Satanic messages in Disney cartoons and Hollywood movies. Found at Everything Is Terrible! http://disinfo.com/2015/03/the-secret-satanic-messages-in-disney-cartoons-and-hollywood/   Continue reading The Secret Satanic Messages in Disney Cartoons and Hollywood

CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

Ernest Hemingway was a CIA agent. The CIA admits this on their own website . See Mathis’ full espose . Miles Mathis says that modern culture is essentially mental programming by the CIA, an arm of the Illuminati banking cartel. The systemic destruction of traditional art is intended to promote “alienation,” the satanic view that human life is meaningless, incoherent, trivial and ugly. “By a constant stream of top-down propaganda, writers were convinced that being solipsistic, quotidian, and creatively modest were artistic virtues. As with painting, science, politics, and every other category, the inversion of the thing was sold as … Continue reading CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

“Electric Cars Are Doing More Harm Than Good” Professor Warns

Source: Zero Hedge “An electric car does not make you green… You’re better off filling up at the pump,” if you live in Canada. According to a new study by professor Chris Kennedy, even if every driver in Canada made the switch – from gas to electric – the total emissions might not actually go down… since in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, electric cars generate more carbon pollution over their lifetimes than gas-powered cars. Paging Al Gore… As CBC reports, trying to go green by replacing your gas guzzler with an electric car? In some provinces, that may actually … Continue reading “Electric Cars Are Doing More Harm Than Good” Professor Warns