4 Reasons Humans Are So Bad at Sexual Monogamy

As a culture, we love monogamy. But is it counterintuitive to our nature? By Anna Pulley As a culture, welovemonogamy. It’s the ultimate romantic promise and the only sanctioned way we are allowed to conduct ourselves in relationships. We even sign legal contracts with the government saying as much (though one wonders why such a proclamation is necessary if sexual fidelity is supposedly so easy). Yet, despite the romantic ideals of monogamy that are taught to us in America (and, indeed, the entire Western world), humans—both men and women—are quite bad at monogamy. How bad? Well, 40 to 50 percent … Continue reading 4 Reasons Humans Are So Bad at Sexual Monogamy

Think Organic Doesn’t Matter? Watch This.

A family in Sweden agreed to be the test subjects in an experiment. They switched from their diets of conventionally grown food and agreed to consume only organic food for two weeks. Urine samples taken before showed high levels of pesticides in their bodies. After only two weeks of eating strictly organic, you won’t believe what happened to this family! http://www.nutritionalanarchy.com/2015/05/12/think-organic-doesnt-matter-watch-this/ Continue reading Think Organic Doesn’t Matter? Watch This.

The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin [Clip]

This clip is a partial discussion of the content in ‘Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom‘ by James W Jesso Learn more about the book ~ http://www.decomposingtheshadow.com Author’s Homepage ~ http://www.jameswjesso.com Listen to full interview via Free Radical Media here ~ https://youtu.be/XkU7p-cv_ZI “Decomposing The Shadow presents a psychological model for the experience of the magic psilocybin mushroom. It explores what the experience of this psychedelic medicine exposes to us about the nature of mind, emotion, society, psychospiritual maturity, and reality itself. This book is about facing the darkness within each of us, developing the courage of emotional honesty, … Continue reading The 4 Archetypes Of Psilocybin [Clip]

Be Careful What You Ask For; You Just Might Get It

“A Government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson by Rand Eastwood For decades, the American people have been turning everything they possibly can over to the state to take care of, convinced by government officials that they can avoid work and responsibility and just have fun, be entertained, and get free stuff. The entire time, libertarians (of all ilks) have been warning and warning and warning the people that doing so, in exchange for whatever benefits they think they’ll get in return, will ultimately result … Continue reading Be Careful What You Ask For; You Just Might Get It

Journalist reveals that “chocolate makes you thin” report was fake, designed to test what science media will reprint without checking sources

  This spring, the journal International Archives of Medicine published a delicious new study: According to researchers at Germany’s Institute of Diet and Health, people who ate dark chocolate while dieting lost more weight. The media coverage was instantaneous and jubilant: “Scientists say eating chocolate can help you lose weight,” read a headline in the Irish Examiner. “Excellent News: Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight!” Huffington Post India boasted. “Dieting? Don’t forget the chocolate,” announced Modern Healthcare. It was unbelievable news. And reporters shouldn’t have believed it. It turns out that the Institute of Diet and Health is just a Web site with no institute attached. Johannes … Continue reading Journalist reveals that “chocolate makes you thin” report was fake, designed to test what science media will reprint without checking sources

Has Consciousness Evolved?

by Richard Smoley, New Dawn, Waking Times The idea that consciousness is evolving is one of the most important doctrines of the New Age. But is it true? Over the long term, the answer seems obvious. Even the stupidest of humans is far more intelligent and sophisticated than a trilobite. Although materialists have skirted the conclusion that evolution has a direction – and that this direction is toward greater complexity – they have not managed to shoot it down. The New Age idea of evolving consciousness is a little different. Many advocates of the new paradigm insist that human consciousness has gotten … Continue reading Has Consciousness Evolved?