The Vaccine Racket: Amazing infographic reveals financial connections behind criminally-run vaccine industry

By Mike Adams | Natural News Today we are officially releasing our Vaccine Racket Infographic which details the financial connections behind the criminally-run vaccine industry. (Tweet #VaccineRacket) Click here for a full-sized version of the infographic. The infographic documents the nefarious players of the vaccine industry: the mainstream media, the CDC, deceitful vaccine propagandists like Paul Offit, the secretive vaccine court, the cover-up of vaccine-injured children, mainstream media propaganda that programs the public to worship vaccines, and much more. I first sketched out this Vaccine Racket Infographic after observing the behavior of all the key players in the contrived Disneyland … Continue reading The Vaccine Racket: Amazing infographic reveals financial connections behind criminally-run vaccine industry

If Psychedelic Drugs Were Legalized, Capitalism Would Destroy Religion

By Thad McKraken Going full on into a shamanic or Occult practice is beyond weird, because the vast majority of people think you’re completely nuts for gasp, actually paying attention to your inner world (let alone blasting it all over Facebook, friend me). “Do you mean that stuff is real?” they’ll ask. Well, yeah, but ultimately insisting on dividing thoughts and visions into convenient categories of “real” or “not real” is a pretty ridiculous way of conceptualizing consciousness. Aaaand you’ve already lost them. Which is why maybe the best thing you can do as a mystic is point out over … Continue reading If Psychedelic Drugs Were Legalized, Capitalism Would Destroy Religion

Chronic Illness Begins With Breakdown In Your Gut

by Dr. Ben Kim, Waking Times Good overall health begins with a healthy gut. Chronic illness begins with breakdown in the gut. This is where I typically start with clients looking to address any health challenge. If you’re looking for lasting improvement in any area of your health, it’s best not to think of your body parts as being independent compartments. Every cell communicates with every other cell, not always directly, but via the fluids, hormones, and neurotransmitters that travel through the vast network of blood vessels and nerves that course through every part of you. And it all starts … Continue reading Chronic Illness Begins With Breakdown In Your Gut

Dawn of the cyborgs: how humans will turn themselves into gods

Man and machine … Patrick Stewart as Locutus of Borg in Star Trek Historian Yuval Harari says humanity is heading for an upgrade – via biological manipulation or the creation of a race of cyborgs Name: Cyborg. Age: Infinite. Appearance: Ultra-buff. Who is this we’re talking about? It could be anybody, really. Me? Yes, as long as you’re extremely rich. Ah. Well I haven’t become extremely rich so far. Pity. In that case you’ll miss out on a life of perfect health and theoretically eternal happiness. That sounds good. Will all the pizzas be wood-fired and the Wi-Fi constantly reliable? … Continue reading Dawn of the cyborgs: how humans will turn themselves into gods

The myth of victory

US soldiers inside a Stryker fighting vehicle return to base, Baghdad, Iraq, June 2008. Photo by Moises Saman/Magnum War isn’t like it used to be. Victory is more elusive, and a strong military doesn’t count as much by Mark Kukis (Mark Kukis is the author of Voices from Iraq, and covered the Afghan and Iraq wars for Time, The New Republic and Salon. This fall he will be working with Andrew Bacevich on an open online course, War for the Greater Middle East (Boston Univ./EdX).) Edited by Sam Haselby On 28 December 2014, the US commander of international forces in … Continue reading The myth of victory

Expiration Date

Artwork by Balint Zsako Every story ends with a death sentence. But the story doesn’t end there. by Shozan Jack Haubner A human being has a shelf life. It’s a strange thought, given how essential we tend to think we are, as though we’ll be around forever. But we won’t. We’re born, we ripen, we die. And how do we die? I was on my knees, boxer shorts around an ankle, not only praying but vomiting, and not only vomiting but battling ferocious incontinence, when I realized, We all die like dogs. The monastery was empty, which suited me. I like … Continue reading Expiration Date

What Your Facebook Status Updates Say About Your Personality

by NATALIE SHOEMAKER Researchers never seem to run out of new ways to examine Facebook and the interactions that take place within. Here at Big Think, we’ve written about a number of Facebook studies looking into why it’saddictive, why it may make you feel depressed, and why couples who post more photos are generally happier. This Facebook research studycenters around the topic of status updates: What do we write about and what does it say about us? Psychology professor Tara C. Marshall from Brunel University London led the study where they recruited 555 Facebook users to participate. Researchers had all … Continue reading What Your Facebook Status Updates Say About Your Personality

How the Eyes Can Betray Your Thoughts

by Soren Dreier Author: Mo Costandi It’s sometimes said that the eyes are windows into the soul, revealing deep emotions that we might otherwise want to hide. Although modern science precludes the existence of the soul, it does suggest that there is a kernel of truth in this old saying: it turns out the eyes not only reflect what is happening in the brain but may also influence how we remember things and make decisions. Our eyes are constantly moving, and while some of those movements are under conscious control, many of them occur subconsciously. When we read, for instance, … Continue reading How the Eyes Can Betray Your Thoughts

Coming Soon: Genetically Engineered Athletes

By David Bishop A team from China grabbed the headlines last month when it announced it had edited DNA in the nucleus of human embryos. Whatever the ethics of such research, the breakthrough raises the question of just how far we will take tampering with our genetic make-up? The Chinese team’s work was done using a gene-editing technique called CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) and the results were not spectacular – only four of the 86 eggs injected were successfully modified. Nonetheless, Harvard Professor George Church believes that within five to seven years it will be possible to snip out and replace … Continue reading Coming Soon: Genetically Engineered Athletes

The Evil of Hollywood

Yesterday’s Tomorrowland by CLUSTERFUCK NATION  America takes pause on a big holiday weekend requiring little in the way of real devotions beyond the barbeque deck with two profoundly stupid movie entertainments that epitomize our estrangement from the troubles of the present day. First there’s Mad Max: Fury Road, which depicts the collapse of civilization as a monster car rally. They managed to get it exactly wrong. The present is the monster car show. Houston. Los Angeles. New Jersey, Beijing, Mumbai, etc. In the future, there will be no cars, gasoline-powered, electric, driverless, or otherwise. Mad Max: Fury Road is actually a … Continue reading The Evil of Hollywood