Where’s Bobbi Fischer?

Chess queen, 1965 Photo by Anna Kaufman Moon/Hulton Archive/Getty Little girls sign up to play chess in droves. So why are so few of the world’s top players women? by Hana Schank (Hana Schank is a writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post and Salon, among others. She is the author of the memoirs The Edge of Normal (2015) and A More Perfect Union(2006) and lives in Brooklyn, New York.) Here’s a story my father likes to tell. When I was five, my family spent several months living in Barbados. Since we were in … Continue reading Where’s Bobbi Fischer?

The Decision That Could Kill Your Pet

by Matthew Bershadker If you think it’s common sense to not leave a dog inside a parked car, tragic headlines from just the last few weeks tell us this life-saving caution is still not common enough. On June 11, a German Sheppard died after being left in a car with its windows rolled up in Staten Island, New York. On June 26, a Chihuahua died of heat exhaustion from being stuck inside a car in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And on June 29, a 3-year-old English Setter died in Wausau, Michigan after being left in a car with windows rolled up for … Continue reading The Decision That Could Kill Your Pet

Germany’s Destructive Anger

By JACOB SOLL A DEAL has finally been reached that could keep Greece in the eurozone. Few are happy with the outcome. We’ve heard a lot about how the Greeks feel humiliated. But we’ve heard less about German anger, and we know they are angry. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble was reported to have started yelling during Saturday night’s negotiations. France and Italy have both made huge loans to Greece, but neither country has expressed hostility to Greece. Why is Germany so angry? As an economic historian, I got a taste of this resentment during aconference on Greek sovereign debt held in … Continue reading Germany’s Destructive Anger

Top 5 Ways Mechanics Rip Off Customers

by SteveLehto As a Lemon Law lawyer, my phone rings all day long with people calling me about car problems. Defective cars are always in the mix and sometimes the calls involve auto repairs. That is, people want to know what they can do when they have been wronged by an auto mechanic. And here is what mechanics have done to them. Charging for unnecessary repairs. I often hear that a mechanic diagnosed a problem, repaired it and – surprise, surprise – the problem was still there. They then re-diagnose it as a different problem and repair that. Sometimes, this repeats … Continue reading Top 5 Ways Mechanics Rip Off Customers

Can a man be sensitive and strong?

by Suzie Arnett I was reading Ted Zeff’s article, Healing the Highly Sensitive Male. He is the author of The Strong, Sensitive Boy. He writes, “Given our societal norms, it may come as a surprise that newborn boys are actually more emotionally reactive than girls. One study showed that baby boys cry more than baby girls when they are frustrated; yet by the age of five, most boys suppress all their feelings except anger. However, even though boys are taught to maintain emotional control, measuring their heart rate or skin conductance (sweaty palms) in emotionally arousing situations demonstrates that there … Continue reading Can a man be sensitive and strong?

Psychologists are known for being liberal – but is that because they understand how people think?

It’s not that studying psychology made me a bleeding heart, but that studying psychology gave me a better understanding of how people think and behave. (Hartwig HKD CC BY-ND 2.0) by Elliot Berkman Is the field of social psychology biased against political conservatives? There has been intense debate about this question since an informal poll of over 1,000 attendees at a social psychology meeting in 2011 revealed the group to be overwhelmingly liberal. Formal surveys have produced similar results, showing the ratio of liberals to conservatives in the broader field of psychology is 14-to-1. Since then, social psychologists have tried … Continue reading Psychologists are known for being liberal – but is that because they understand how people think?

Mandatory Vaccines for Adults? Leave It to California

by Joshua Krause After the California State Legislature passed SB277, which forces all children attending school or daycare to be vaccinated, it was clear that this state was on the road to medical tyranny. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say where that road ends. Like all freedom killing mandates, they never draw a clear line. Each one begets another until all freedoms are lost. That seems to be the case with SB277, which has spawned SB792. If kids can’t attend school without vaccines, why should adults be exempt? Vaccineimpact.com reports: SB792- The first US adult vaccine mandate with NO personal exemptions (only … Continue reading Mandatory Vaccines for Adults? Leave It to California

Your Cellphone May Be Hazardous To Your Child’s Mental Health

  SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — It seems we’re never without them these days. Cellphones call us, text us, email and entertain us. Now psychologists are telling parents and caregivers to put them down because cellphones may be hazardous to our children’s mental health. To find out the effect all those cellphone calls have on kids, ConsumerWatch did an informal playground survey. “How do you feel when your mommy and daddy are on the phone?” we asked. “Sad,” said one 4-year-old. “Kinda sad,” agreed her friend. They’re not alone, and it’s not just preschoolers who feel this way. Dr. Catherine … Continue reading Your Cellphone May Be Hazardous To Your Child’s Mental Health

Afghan war costs American taxpayers $4 million per hour – study

RT New data shows that America’s war in Afghanistan is costing taxpayers roughly $4 million an hour, despite the Obama administration’s drawdown of troops leaving only 10,000 soldiers in the country. Despite the colossal cost, the Obama administration and Afghan leadership both recognize the war will only end with peace negotiations, according to observers. More than $700 billion has been spent on the Afghan war since the George W. Bush administration authorized the invasion in 2001, including more than $35 billion in fiscal year 2015, according to figures from the National Priorities Project, a non-profit, non-partisan federal budget research group. … Continue reading Afghan war costs American taxpayers $4 million per hour – study