Revealed… how watching porn really affects your BRAIN

When people view X-rated images it causes a surge in the chemical dopamine Repeated dopamine surges means the brain comes desensitised to it More is needed for the same ‘hit’ – meaning men are unexcited by ordinary sex Regularly watching pornography also causes the brain to shrink, experts found By MADLEN DAVIES FOR MAILONLINE Teenagers as young as 13 regularly watch it, and for millions of adults it is their guilty pleasure. Pornography offers men and women alike a chance to explore their sexual fantasies. But while X-rated images and films can help boost your libido, and many report it improves … Continue reading Revealed… how watching porn really affects your BRAIN

Gender essences

What are you looking at? Illustration by René Vincent/Getty There may be no watertight definition of ‘man’ or ‘woman’, but your gender still defines you more than anything else does by Charlotte Witt (Charlotte Witt is Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of New Hampshire, where her interests range from Aristotle to feminist theory. She is the author of The Metaphysics of Gender (2011).) A few years ago a blog called The Philosophy Smoker hosted a discussion of women’s dress. The blog’s motto (‘In which issues concerning the profession of philosophy arebitched griped about’) and its title, which … Continue reading Gender essences

Depression Patients Helped by ‘Socratic Questioning’

Feeling depressed and turning to a therapist in search of answers is common, but a new study suggests answering therapists’ questions could be key. Using a technique called “Socratic questioning,” the study is thought to be the first to demonstrate substantial improvements in depressed patients. It’s a form of cognitive therapy employing guided questions that encourage the patient to change his or her perspective and part from negative thought patterns. “Socratic questioning helps patients examine the validity of their negative thoughts and gain a broader, more realistic perspective,” says study co-author Justin Braun, a doctoral student in psychology at Ohio … Continue reading Depression Patients Helped by ‘Socratic Questioning’

It’s the Second Dirtiest Thing in the World—And You’re Wearing It

pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles. Looking at China alone, the textile industry there pumps out 2.5 billion tons of wastewater … Only Big Oil pollutes more than Big Textile. By Glynis Sweeny “The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world…second only to oil,” the recipient of an environmental award told a stunned Manhattan audience earlier this year. “It’s a really nasty business…it’s a mess.” While you’d never hear an oil tycoon malign his bonanza in such a way, the woman who stood at the podium, Eileen Fisher, is a clothing industry magnate. On a … Continue reading It’s the Second Dirtiest Thing in the World—And You’re Wearing It

India finds toxic lead in Nestle Maggi noodles

© Agence France-Presse photo India is pursuing a $100 million case against the Swiss food giant Nestle over “unfair trade practices.” Despite high levels of lead found in Nestle’s popular Maggi noodles, a court overturned a national ban, insisting on fresh tests before sales resume. The official complaint against Nestle involves damages caused by misleading advertisements related to the Maggi noodles product. The lawsuit was filed with the country’s top consumer court, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), requesting damages of 6,400 million rupees ($98.6 million). “Our complaint is over their unfair trade practices and the court will now … Continue reading India finds toxic lead in Nestle Maggi noodles

Hundreds of Thousands of Babies on Antidepressants & Psychotropic Drugs

by Vic Bishop, Staff Writer, Waking Times Parenting has never been easy, but parents certainly face some new challenges in the 21st century. Making medical choices for your children is one of many responsibilities, and in the era of mandatory vaccines and big-pharma influence over the medcial establishment, decisions which once may have been easy to make are now more complex than ever before. Take mental health, for example. Never before in the history of human kind have we suffered from such dreadful mental health, and never before have human beings used chemicals like modern pharmaceuticals to regulate their emotional and spiritual well-being … Continue reading Hundreds of Thousands of Babies on Antidepressants & Psychotropic Drugs