Top 10 worst jobs in history

Victorian sewer-hunter, 1849. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)  by: Emma McFarnon  We all like to have a moan about work, but consider yourself lucky. As Emily Brand explains here in this article published in History Revealed, our ancestors endured some truly horrific tasks… Resurrectionist Body-snatching was a pursuit of early-modern anatomy students – including Vesalius, the 16th-century ‘father of modern anatomy’. By the 1800s, ‘resurrectionists’ were being paid to supply fresh corpses for medical study; a set of teeth alone was worth £1 (around £50 today). They often tunnelled into the grave from a short distance away to avoid disturbing the … Continue reading Top 10 worst jobs in history

How to be Brave

What are we talking about when we talk about courage? by Polly Morland Disquiet creeps in everywhere these days. Apprehension has gradually become the norm and our ability to distinguish what is and what is not scary has been skewed. Sensing and regretting our communal timidity, we grow hungry for its opposite, this rare delicacy: bravery. Our media and politicians feed the appetite, dishing up accounts of Courage and Heroism so seasoned with drama and cliché that they may be mouth-watering and easy to digest, but hardly nourishing. And so the cycle of timidity continues, a vicious (as opposed to … Continue reading How to be Brave

The Shadow of a Black Hole

A simulation of superheated material circling the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Credit: Scott C. Noble, The University of Tulsa By Matthew Francis The invisible manifests itself through the visible: so say many of the great works of philosophy, poetry, and religion. It’s also true in physics: we can’t see atoms or electrons directly and dark matter seems to be entirely transparent, yet this invisible stuff makes and shapes the universe as we know it. Then there are black holes: though they are the most extreme gravitational powerhouses in the cosmos, they are invisible to our … Continue reading The Shadow of a Black Hole

The “Problem” of Religious Diversity

We need a less theological—and more spiritual—defense of religious diversity. by Rita Gross To tell the truth, I have no idea which element of my hyphenated identity as a Buddhist practitioner and a scholar of comparative religions is more prominent in my conviction that religious diversity, which also includes indifference to organized religions, is simply a normal, natural aspect of life. Yet I was brought up to think that it was a huge problem. At some point, fairly early in my life, it just became ludicrous to me to think that of all the people on earth, only a relatively … Continue reading The “Problem” of Religious Diversity


India’s Hindus drop below 80% Muslim ratio rises from 13.4% to 14.2%; Christians stay @ 2.3% By Reuters India’s Hindus have dropped below 80 per cent of the population for the first time since independence. (Shutterstock) India’s Hindus have dropped below 80 per cent of the population for the first time since independence and media had speculated  the previous government deliberately delayed the release of the data because it showed a rise in the Muslim population. Members of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party, which swept to power last year, have expressed growing concern about the rising numbers of Muslims. The … Continue reading ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD

How Google Destroyed the Internet

By Brett Stevens | The internet was created to resolve a simple problem: in communications networks, any central node through which all messages passed was vulnerable to attack or takeover. To counter this, engineers designed a network where any node would pass messages to other nodes, routing around any damage. Then came commerce and the democratization of the internet. Under this model, frightened sheep flock to certain central sites that provide the services they need, and avoid everything else, lest it be politically incorrect or upsetting. Enter Google. This company made its fortune on a simple premise, which was … Continue reading How Google Destroyed the Internet

The Case Against Sustainability

Do you recycle? Cool, me too. Do you turn off your lights when you leave the room? Good idea. Do you only buy produce that’s in season? Nice! Way to support your local farmer. Are you worried about the future of the planet? Politically active in some way around conservation of resources or green energy? Awesome, politics is really important. Politics. Rosalee Yagihara, via Flickr If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you’re probably concerned about sustainability in some way. But I’ve got some news. “Sustainability” is a dangerously flawed way to think about the world. What … Continue reading The Case Against Sustainability

My Crusade Against Psychiatry

Some people suffer a grievous injustice from the State. The injury inspires a lifelong mission to correct the injustice. Katherine Jaconello describes her crusade against the mental health establishment. by Katherine Jaconello ( In 2000, my mother was hospitalized, and then involuntarily committed — all because she had a dream of suicide while drugged!! My mother had no history of psychiatric care. She was the main caregiver of my sick and elderly father. Her family doctor gave her a sleeping pill when she had pneumonia and she had side effects – a palpitating heart. At the local hospital emergency, she was … Continue reading My Crusade Against Psychiatry

We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For

by Phillip J. Watt, Contributor,Waking Times If you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s a global awakening going on. Those people who are waking up to the true realities of the world are doing so in a large variety of ways; however some of us only get some of it, whilst others are playing with as much of it as they can. The harsh truth though is that most of us don’t get much of it at all. Thankfully, it is changing. Person by person, group by group, powerful conversations are occurring in the conscious society and we’re inching closer to … Continue reading We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For