Society Blind to Psy War on Heterosexuals

Clearly the fluoride in our drinking water has paralyzed the brain.

Society is blissfully indifferent to the occult attack on gender currently being waged by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel and their Gentile traitors and puppets. To assert that men and women are different is considered prejudice and “sexist.” Even the dignity of separate bathrooms is challenged. These Satanists are denying our fundamental gender identity and we are too comatose to react angrily.

“We will destroy every collective force except our own.” – The Protocols of Zion 16
“Collective force” refers to the four legs of our human identity: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender).

Every day, heterosexuals are immersed in a toxic bath of lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism, obscenity, pedophilia and promiscuity designed to enslave society. The goal is for heterosexuality to be seen as a pathology while homosexuality is healthy and normal.

Satanists invert everything, the real occult meaning of revolution.

Latest- California school children forced to use common bathrooms

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In June 10, 2011, NYC police ticketed two women on a park bench eating doughnuts.

They violated a regulation, (one of 15 listed on a sign,) prohibiting adults from entering the playground unless accompanied by a child.

This is supposedly to deter pedophiles. Other US cities, including Miami Beach and San Francisco, have similar ordinances which have been extended to libraries and children’s museums.

Last winter, seven NYC men were ticketed for playing chess in a playground. In Idaho, a man was arrested for taking pictures of a child, who turned out to be his grandson.

“It’s pedophile panic,” says NYC writer Lenore Skenazy. “Everyone is a pedophile until proven otherwise.”

Since 98% of the population is heterosexual, this slanders the vast majority. It also attacks the heterosexual model of society based on the human family. We are all sisters and brothers, father and mothers: protectors of all children.

In a clever sleight-of-hand, they transfer the stigma of pedophilia to heterosexuals. Studies show that while homosexuals are only 2 per cent of the population, they account for 25-40% of child molestation. But the goal is for heterosexuality to be seen as a pathology (eg. domestic abuse, etc.) and homosexuality to be seen as normal.

“I for one would want a couple of women sitting in a playground as an extra pair of eyes,” Skenazy writes. “When you start treating everyone as evil, you can’t have community.”

Bingo. Instead of one big human family, we are a world of sexual predators. You must hand it to satanists, they know how to create a hell.


The Illuminati social engineers attack heterosexuality because it is the basis of our human identity. Our primary relationships and responsibilities are defined by the words father, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother, son and daughter.

Strong heterosexual marriage and family create a wholesome environment to raise the next generation. If we want healthy families, men and women must consecrate themselves and plan for this task. Our children represent our organic growth, our tie with eternity.

220px-I_Kissed_a_Girl.pngInstead of this, heterosexuals are immersed in a toxic bath of lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism, obscenity, sexual deviance, pedophilia and promiscuity, designed to corrode and distort our sexuality.

“Progressive” young women march for the right to behave like “sluts.” Schools favor homosexuals for scholarships. Pop songs like Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl (and I liked it!)” get four million paid downloads. Mainstream TV story lines feature gays and gay porn. Teachers encourage children to engage in sex, under the guise of sex education. Little girls are sexualized. Sesame Street had to fight off demands that two puppets. Bert and Ernie, serve as positive role models for gay marriage!

This undermines marriage and family. Almost 50% of women who lost their virginity as teenagers were divorced within ten years. Forty three percent of the college-educated women born between 1965 and 1978 have no children, according to new research.

Our society has been subverted by satanist (Cabalist) Jewish central bankers and their traitorous Masonic minions who want the State to handle procreation, (as envisaged in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.) We are being re-engineered to serve them as obedient worker, consumer and soldier/police drones.

The reason we are blind to this vicious underhanded attack is that they disguise it as “homosexual rights” and opposition to “homophobia.”

A few Google searches illustrate how this vicious heterophobic assault flies under our radar.

If you google “heterophobia” (i.e. fear of heterosexuality) you’ll get 115,000 entries, most unrelated to what is really happening .

Google “homophobia” (i.e. fear of homosexuality) and you’ll get 9,270,000 entries, eighty times more references, mostly disparaging. Since gays are 1/50th of the population, the awareness disparity is roughly 4000 to one…

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