Personal Trainer Blows the Whistle on Steroids

Steroid Use Has Reached Epidemic Proportions.

A personal trainer claims steroid use is much more than commonly believed, and not just by athletes, but by celebrities and almost anyone who looks buff. However this epidemic is extremely harmful to their health.

“The prolonged use of steroids will leave you with erectile dysfunction (unable to get it up), leaving you with an impressively large but unusable Johnson, as well as making you impotent and unable to have children.”

“People will admit to cocaine use, rape and murder before they admit to steroid use.”

by “Alex Chilcott”

How often have you seen these perfectly chiseled godlike muscular men that could challenge our most famous comic book super heroes?

Have you thought to yourself, “I want to look like him and be as strong as him, but the reason you don’t is because of the hard work and years that go into an extraordinary physique.”

Truth be told 99% of the time you are not looking at hard work. You’re actually looking at the effective capabilities of steroids. I have been in the health and fitness industry for eight years both in the gym as a personal trainer and in the hospital, observing every kind of surgery imaginable. It’s time we shine a little light and truth on the subject of steroids.

Steroids are an illegal performance enhancing drug that makes you mentally and physically stronger in every aspect. Banned and tested for in pretty much every organization in the world, or so they say. It makes your dick smaller, causes acne all over the body, excessive body hair , and the oh so famous “Roid Rage”.

Why is it that no one admits to using? The answer is simple money. They are always trying to sell you something: nutrition products, fitness programs, sports entertainment and most of all lifestyles. So if admitted how they look so immaculate, you would just go and do what they do.

If you are natural, it is physically impossible to put on more than 8 to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass in a year. So your average motivational story of “I put on 50 lbs of lean muscle this year”, you guessed it, he’s on steroids.

Another reason for the secrecy is they are under sponsorship. They need to produce results and it’s damn near impossible to compete against these super humans. If they don’t produce or if they open up about their use, they lose everything. Plus, their reputation will take a huge hit.

I cannot reveal who I am, even though I don’t and never have been a user. For fear of what this can do to my reputation, I must stay anonymous. People will admit to cocaine use, rape and murder before they admit to steroid use.


There are staggering side effects to steroid use, both physical, mental and internal. For men, I have witnessed hair thinning, hair loss (hence why a lot of athletes are bald or look to have thin hair), increase in mass due to weight gain of organs (because organs are muscles as well and on steroids all muscles grow) which generally will cause cancerous tumours . The voice also tends to deepen and gain more base.

Yes, your testicles will shrink to the size of raisins but will return to normal size after you no longer use if you recover properly.) However, the penis itself will grow permanently and significantly in size (if proper precautions are taken when coming off steroids).

Sex drive will also increase. However, the prolonged use of steroids will leave you with erectile dysfunction (unable to get it up), leaving you with an impressively large but unusable Johnson, as well as making you impotent and unable to have children.

For many of the athletes I’ve trained, it will happen after a period of time or right away depending on the person.

Another popular and emphasized side-effect is the oversized chest, that once steroids are discontinued, literally turn into saggy deflated breast.

Along with it comes the infamous lactating which happens either on or off use. As you introduce a large foreign hormones, in this case testosterone, your body naturally produces other hormones such as estrogen to match the testosterone levels. Once the testosterone is removed, it takes a while for the body time to resume normal levels.

During this period, you will notice the worst kind of side effects. Because estrogen levels are so high, you will literally start turning into a woman.

So all the muscular hard muscle you made will become soft (wither away), the large Johnson you acquired actually begins to shrink extensively permanently, muscle tissue in the chest diminishes while becoming soft and more breast like. Obviously, this is when the lactating can happen. In addition, users suffer radically reduced immune system, mental/emotional issues, erectile dysfunction, extreme hair loss, among many more side effects.


Another trend is the use of steroids among women. When a woman takes steroids, she is introducing a large amount of male hormones into her body. She is making an unconscious decision to become a man. Yes, she will notice a significant growth in muscles/performance but the side effects are more noticeable.

Within the first week, she’ll notice hair loss/thinning on the head, hair growth on the body (facial hair, chest, back, arms), the soft features in the face become more manly (adds an aged look), and infertility. Other effects include the loss of breast tissue giving a manlier looking chest (breasts do not grow back even after discontinued use), the clit will begin to grow tremendously, no exaggeration, not to mention it will always be throbbing, erect and sensitive.

Some of my female clients who have used for a prolonged period have clits 3/4 the size of your pinky. Like men deepening of the voice of occurs losing any high pitches in the speaking voice to a more male like voice (Adams apple growth.)


Another side effect which is among the most popular is the infamous ” Roid Rage” i.e. when a user become emotionally agitated and becomes overly aggressive, then acts in an exaggerated manner. For example, the WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, left, killed his whole family, then took his own life, due to effects of steroids…


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