Map of World War Shows 4,500 Years of Global Conflict

Map of Battles

Users of Wikipedia have created an interactive map that illustrates where all the wars documented since 2500 BC have taken place around the world.

Data from Wikipedia has been used to put together a map of the world’s wars since 2500 BC, that illustrates where and when the world’s conflicts have occurred.

A group of researchers took information from DBpedia in a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and make it available on the web.

In DBpedia and Wikipedia they found 12,703 instances of military conflict battles that have a place and a date reference, and then used the Nodegoat system of data management to visualize them on a world map.

​The dots are in different colors signifying the period of history in which the conflict occurred, and by clicking on the dots users can find out the battle’s exact date and location.

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