Massive illegal vaccine scandal in China has citizens asking, ‘Is this genocide?’

 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer (NaturalNews) As news of an illegal vaccine distribution scandal in China continues to emerge, outraged citizens are demanding to know why the government waited so long to inform the public that their children were at risk. According to the government, an illegal vaccine ring in operation since 2011, distributed $88 million worth of vaccines that had expired or been improperly refrigerated. This placed all children who got the shots at risk of disability or death. It is not known how many children were harmed by the illegal vaccines. The government has known about the ring … Continue reading Massive illegal vaccine scandal in China has citizens asking, ‘Is this genocide?’

Glitch-O-Rama and the Leaking Matrix

by Zen Gardner There is increasing evidence that the constructed veil between humanity and reality is dissipating. Much like settled science now confirming cosmic realities long known to consciously awake and aware humans such as the center of our galaxy being an energetic source intensely affecting ourselves and our planet, revelations of truth continue to pour into our collective awareness. The fact that we’re in the midst of a rare alignment with the galactic center as well as passing through other charged fields has profound implications. But the manifestations of this massive shift in consciousness are busting out all over. … Continue reading Glitch-O-Rama and the Leaking Matrix

Denmark: Girl faces fine for protecting herself against sexual assault

The peaceful streets of Sønderborg have been the scene of unpleasant attacks recently From: Pepper-spraying a man who tried to pull down her trousers may cost 17-year-old girl dearly A 17-year-old girl in Sønderborg has found herself in violation of the arms act for using pepper spray on an English-speaking man who tried to pull down her trousers. The girl notified police in southern Jutland police that she had been sexually assaulted across the street from the Sønderborg cultural and community centre, the Sønderborghus. She said that an English-speaking man unbuttoned her trousers and tried to get them off. … Continue reading Denmark: Girl faces fine for protecting herself against sexual assault

We’ve been measuring inequality wrong – here’s the real story

Posted By: Disinformation (The Conversation) Despite appearances to the contrary, this year’s presidential follies have managed to feature at least a few policy discussions amid all the name-calling. Income inequality in particular has animated voters on both sides of the partisan divide, but the solutions advocated by candidates from each party are markedly different. Democrats claim higher taxes on the rich and more benefits for the poor are the best ways to reduce inequality. Republicans argue what we really need is more growth, accomplished by lowering taxes to spur work and investment with, it seems, benefit cuts to make up … Continue reading We’ve been measuring inequality wrong – here’s the real story

Research: TV is Intellectually and Socially Dumbing Down Young Children

by Phillip Schneider, Staff, Waking Times It is common for parents to feel that their children are spending too much time in front of the television set. According to a Canadian study, children who watch an excessive amount of television exhibit a multitude of negative side effects including poor language and social skills, and increased bullying. The 2013 study was set out to determine whether or not viewing television at 29 months (about 2.5 years) was associated with school performance at 65 months (about 5.5 years). The study, which was conducted on 991 girls and 1,006 boys with parent and teacher reported … Continue reading Research: TV is Intellectually and Socially Dumbing Down Young Children

The Most Common Ways To Die While Traveling

By Tracy Moore  Sorry, the Grim Reaper doesn’t care if you’re on vacation If you’re flush enough to drop coin on an overseas vacation this year, consider yourself lucky. Americans made upwards of 60 million trips to regions outside the U.S. in 2015 to clomp through famous monuments and doze on beachfront hammocks. And as is the case with the circle of life, some of those travelers will be unfortunate enough to meet untimely ends while trying to take it easy. According to recent Euromonitor data looking at 2015, Americans were expected to travel to a handful of countries overseas that year. … Continue reading The Most Common Ways To Die While Traveling

The Evolution of Canned Food and Drink In 38 Pictures

by Attila Nagy Canned foods made their debut on store shelves in the 19th century, and they’ve only become more common ever since. From your local deli to supermarkets, you can find pretty much anything—from tuna to pineapple—in canned form. But how did we get here? The history of canned food is more intricate than you’d think, and includes new inventions and changes in method and design that bring us to the canned goods we eat today. Canned food has its origins in the Napoleonic wars, where the French government recognized that finding a way to preserve food for their soldiers … Continue reading The Evolution of Canned Food and Drink In 38 Pictures

Confessions of a Dr. Google addict

BY TREVOR HEWITT I found a lump in my neck when I was 20. It was soft and the size of a small grape. To make matters worse, it was the middle of my exam period. Anxious and out of energy, I do the only thing I could think of to help calm myself down. I open up Google, find a medical diagnosis website and ask it just what the hell is wrong with me. Just 0.25 seconds later, I had my answer, and I feel the sharp pain of a lump in the centre of my chest. I probably … Continue reading Confessions of a Dr. Google addict

Beyond cell wars

Photo by John Parrot/Getty Images It is time to disarm the military metaphor of the body as a battleground, with immune cells as the first line of defence by Jon Turney (Jon Turney is a British science writer, editor and reviewer. He co-authored the book Fifty Years at the Heart of Health (2012) with Julie Clayton. His latest book is I, Superorganism (2015). He lives in Bristol.) My whole life has been riddled with conflict. I’m caught up in a war not of my own making, and must be combat-ready at any time. Or so it seems, to my disquiet, whenever … Continue reading Beyond cell wars

Geoengineering and the Nuclear Connection

by Ethan Indigo Smith & Andy Whiteley, Guests, Waking Times The complexity of nuclear experimentation is beyond the pale of postmodern human comprehension. It also reveals, although we would like to believe otherwise, our inability or unwillingness to consider the unseen. Whether it is invisible because of ethereal origins or because it is nano-sized poison does not matter; collectively we tend to obfuscate the unseen. Nuclear experimentation also reveals our collective inability to conceptualize time, and to understand just how long nuclear radiation lasts in our environment – and how long our karma lasts. This short-sightedness was not always the case. Indigenous cultures across … Continue reading Geoengineering and the Nuclear Connection