NEO – Who Runs America’s Military, Surely Not Obama


… by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Gordon gives us another one of his classic retrospectives, a short synopsis of what happened back then and why it matters now, as few can do. It is easier to do when you have been there and done it.

Colonel Hanke was an attaché in Israel back in the days when he and the ambassador would go out on weekends with a Geiger counter to drive around and see what they might pick up, field work in the literal sense.

He was our eye witness to the early US tactical nukes being passed on to the Israelis as a present (and support for someone’s political career), because the IDF people showed him one day.

Colonel Hackworth died of cancer in 2005, after having to live in exile in Australia for a number of years. I was in a different world in those early years when Gordon was running the military chat room for AOL, and then the Vietnam one, and then the History Channel’s version, and eventually teaming up with “Hack”. He has more memories than the rest of us put together, but as the years go by and we continue to hang around, we are catching up.

VT has a deep legacy which readers had to dig into the site to find, the In Memoriam section at the bottom of the staff page, where many did not die of natural causes. Many others cannot be listed for family concerns. More get added every year… our little backyard graveyard.

We will put off adding ourselves to the list as long as possible, so we can torment more people a little longer who really deserve it. And we are big fans of the ancient Chinese general who once said that he only wanted to live long enough to see the bodies of his enemies float down the river before himJim W. Dean ]

The Syrian army is not fighting in a foreign land as mercenaries - but to save their country

The Syrian army is not fighting in a foreign land as mercenaries – but to save their country

– First published  …  September 20, 2016 –

As numbers climb from the quite intentional bombing of Syrian Army positions near the Der Ezzor airport and families bury their dead from the not so accidental attack on a Kurdish refugee convoy north of Manjib, questions arise. Who actually runs the US military?

We know this, the US knows how to bomb. American planes like the F16 are continually upgraded with millions spent on each plane, new bombing systems and the US only uses GPS bombs, there are no unguided US munitions used. There are no excuses.

Then again the pilots, best paid and most experienced in the world, some with 15 years of bombing experience, weddings, funerals, villages around the world, many with individual kill counts of civilians in the hundreds. What am I getting at?

I see two issues here, one where the US military, the Pentagon, answers, by our estimation, to extremist elements who use the American military as a mercenary force in support of a hidden agenda formulated in the Tel Aviv “chaos theory academy.”

The outpost of this “academy” in the US is the Institute for the Study of War, an Israeli run think tank that simply passes orders on to the Pentagon, quite often as it seems, to sabotage American foreign policy and most certainly in support of ISIS, al Nusra and other terror groups.

Increasingly it is appearing to us that these groups are controlled by the US and Israel and include units of the Turkish Army disguised as jihadists. Most of the rest are Saudi paid mercenaries. There is no ISIS and the majority of the other groups, and there are now over 200, are tied to military contracting firms who use NGO’s and other charity fronts to funnel jihadists and even chemical weapons through Turkey and Jordan.

There is another issue. That issue is what kind of people make up the US military and the massive private force of thugs and murderers, numbering nearly 150,000, that the US has inserted into the Middle East and South Asia? After Vietnam, tens of thousands of Veterans joined the anti-war movement.

Dissidents in numbers alone made up a massive force. Even current US Secretary of State John Kerry, a Vietnam combat veteran, openly spoke of atrocities committed by the US military, atrocities strangely identical to those that have happened “accidentally” on his watch over and over and over.

Today there is no voice in or out of the military against the war, only Chelsea Manning rotting in a prison cell and Pat Tillman, rotting in his grave. Fifteen years of war and only two? What does this tell us?

From personal experience, when VT editor Colonel Jim Hanke and I meet with today’s military, we are flabbergasted. These are idiots, many no more than common criminals. They openly admit to torture, drug running and are invariably behind kissing toadies who eat lies like candy.

I joined the anti-war movement in 1970 and remained active until the US withdrawal. For some of us, the war was a two-edged sword. Vietnam had become a home to us, for some the only home we had ever known.

We really felt the war was going to go on forever and it was made clear to us that we could always return to Vietnam in some capacity, military or CIA, and get out of the United States. None of us liked it here, we still don’t.

Thus when the war ended, we felt a sadness as Vietnam represented an escape from the drudgery of life in the moral and intellectual vacuum that had become the United States. Despite the fact that combat and disease killed two million military and veterans, to many of us war was the only home we knew…





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