Invader: “I Came to Fuck the Women”

Invader: “I Came to F**k the Women”

A rejected “asylum seeker” from Algeria living in Austria, on trial for an attempted rape in Linz, has told the court that he only came to Europe to “f**k the women.”

It has not proven possible to deport the criminal because Algeria has no extradition agreement with Austria, and the invader is now being “tested for insanity,” the court was also told.

According to the Nachtrichten news service, the attack took place in April this year, when the 35-year-old invader attacked a 41-year-old woman at a bus stop.

The woman, identified in another Nachtrichten report as Timea Lorenz, fought back bravely. After he had pulled off her pants and lay down on top of her, she had bitten him through the lip.

He then punched her several times in the face before running off. Timea suffered severe injuries, including a broken nose, and lost consciousness in the bushes where he had tried to carry out the attack.

Witnesses, alerted by the noise, observed the attacker running off half-naked, bleeding profusely.

The Wochenblick newspaper carried further details of the Algerian’s background. He had already been arrested in November 2015 for an attack upon a 58-year-old woman, and ordered deported.

That deportation process had failed because there is no extradition agreement with Algeria, and that country routinely refuses to take back any of its citizens who have invaded Europe.

The nonwhite criminal was denied “asylum” in Austria in 2012, and deported to Hungary—from where he had entered the country. He had however returned using a false French passport.

In addition, he had been convicted of “several crimes” in France and Austria, the court heard.

In court, the accused denied everything, swearing “by Allah” that he had not even been at the scene, the Wochenblick report continued.

When asked by the prosecutor why he had come back to Austria after being deported in 2012, he replied—to gasps from the courtroom audience—that he had “come to Austria to f **k the women.”

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