Dallas Morning News goes berserk, claims criticizing Islamic terrorists causes Muslims to have heart disease, high cholesterol and cancer

Islamic terrorism

(NaturalNews) Just when you thought the delusional insanity if the irrational, apologist left couldn’t get any more absurd, now a terrorist apologist “research fellow” at the University of Austin, Texas — yeah, the same place where dildo waving students recently held a “cocks not Glocks” anti-gun protest — has authored an article for the Dallas Morning News that raises the bar on identity politics to a whole new level of absurdity.

According to a column by Goleen Samari, anyone who criticizes radical Islamic terrorists is condemning all Muslims to an early death from high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer. “Islamophobia has grave physical and mental health consequences for Muslims in the U.S. It is a public health issue,” writes Samari, while utterly and completely ignoring the far more serious public health issue of Islamic terrorists stabbing, shooting and blowing innocent Americans to bits on a regular basis.

Bombs, stabbings and mass murder are NOT a public health issue, according to people like Samari. No, it’s those “mean words” that people use about Islamic terrorists that are the real threat, you see. “When people are targeted based on their identity, the persistent exposure to discrimination has a pervasive, negative effect on health,” says Samari. “Being a victim of Islamophobia can be traumatizing, with severe and lasting health impacts.”

I hate to break it to everybody, but being “blown up” by a terror bombing also has a severe and lasting health impact. Yet this is all denied, downplayed or covered up by Obama, the leftist media and essentially all democrat politicians who are living in a state of deep denial about radical Islam.

WORDS are deadly, but BOMBS are not… huh?

What’s even more infuriating in Obama’s America is the incessant, insane and wholly delusional blabbering of progressive propagandists who excuse all Muslim terrorists while mercilessly demonizing Christians, men and white people in general. So while bombs are going off in New Jersey and New York — and with mass terror shootings in Orlando or San Bernardino — we’re now apparently going to be lectured by academic sleight-of-mind stage illusionists who claim our WORDS are causing widespread disease and death.

In the competition for false narratives and baseless propaganda, this one wins the gold medal. If this stance gets widely adopted, it will means that Islamic terrorists BOMBING American cities will be accepted and perhaps even applauded by the political left, while rational people who CRITICIZE the terrorists will be condemned or even criminalized.

Truly, America’s identity politics delusionism has reached a whole new depth of detachment from reality. It’s really at the point of mass mental illness among the political left.

Political leftism is mental illness

As another example of the mental illness of the political left, consider how the entire liberal establishment is right now falsely pretending that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism because “Islami is a religion of peace.” Thus, any radical Islamic terrorist act is dismissed as “workplace violence” or “gun violence” … or anything other than what it actually is.

Obama, Clinton and the entire corrupt liberal establishment then madly calls anyone an “Islamaphobe” if they point out obvious things like, “Hey, these acts of terror are being carried out by Islamic terrorists!” If you dare utter the obvious, you are now a HATER, according to the mentally ill leftists who run the current cultist regime in power (the leftist P.C. “cult” of demented progressivism).

Even if you’re the most tolerant, diverse and open-minded person in the world, you will be instantly labeled a bigot, a racist, a homophobe and an Islamaphobe by the delusional left-wing bigots who demand absolute conformity with their failed ideologies and disconnected narratives. When followers of radical Islam commit acts of terror, you see, those aren’t acts of terror. Islamic bombs don’t count as “bombs”according to the delusional left. Only “white people” commit violence in America, we’re told, because white people are steeped in HATE, while Muslims and everybody on the left are worshipper of love, unity, tolerance and “inclusiveness” … especially when their bombs go off and the blast radius INCLUDES everyone standing within 30 feet.

Today, it’s European-Americans who are the most racially marginalized in America

“Members of stigmatized groups have greater stress, strained social relationships and unequal access to resources or medical care. Social marginalization increases the physiological response to stress,” writes Samari, utterly oblivious to the truth that there is no more widely stigmatized demographic in America today than a white, Christian, heterosexual male

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055414_Islamic_terrorism_discrmination_health_effects.html#ixzz4LGeNPI4f


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