Pedophile Criminal Networks of the World Exposed

Posted on by Frank Face

Published  by loner loneranger

French writer Alain Soral explains how pedocriminal networks among the elite operate.

Here is another link, this woman witnessed francis, the jewish anti-pope, torturing and killing infants.

Toos of the family Nijenhuis is a 54 year old Dutch Lady. Here is her testimony, as received by the ITCCS, Kevin Annets organization. The details outlined by Toos in this video are perhaps the most shocking and incredible accusations you have ever heard. Nonetheless, especially with the weight of so many similar accusations backing hers, it is incumbent upon us to lend a kind ear to what she says, and to take the steps necessary to ascertain the validity of her accusations, and in the case of finding validity in what she says, then we must take steps to ensure that these atrocities can no longer occur.Whether this means taking direct action, or by networking better with one another to get the word out, is dependent upon individual circumstances. Nonetheless these situations are too horrendous for everybody to do nothing, for that is what enables and perpetuates these atrocities.…


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