The Coming War on Pedophilia?

Sandusky was allegedly "just the driver" - Jimmy SaVILE - Denny Hastert ... the revolving door of peds

The late Jimmy SaVILE… Denny Hastert… behold the revolving door of nationally or internationally networked molesters. It was said that Sandusky was allegedly “just the driver for bigger fish”

What is Donald Trump’s best path to attain the full agenda that he energetically promised to the American voters?

And what actions could he take that could disprove the DNC and Major Mass Media allegations that he is a billionaire that has always had a silver spoon in his mouth. That he promised everything that dissatisfied Americans wanted to hear just to get elected and once in office will service his wealth one-percenter buddies?

The best advice that can be given to him is to maintain the same strategy that won him the election, to mobilize and strengthen a growing emergent American Populism.

This same American Populism that has emerged largely from the Alternative media of the worldwide Internet now demands and end to DC cronyism and endemic corruption that has occurred at every level of the USG.

Trump’s winning strategy was to mobilize this emergent populist mass dissatisfaction of the American workers and disenfranchised middle class.

Trump’s canny ability to focus on his adversary’s weaknesses were quickly strengthened and magnified by the massive leaks of DNC related emails published by Wikileaks.

And no one yet has provided any evidence these emails were not genuine, and the Controlled Major Mass Media, an illegal News Cartel itself, has accepted them as legitimate despite frequent attempts to paint Trump as an enemy of We The People.

Media moguls

News Cartel

Trump’s campaign strategy, which turned out to be extremely effective included very canny edgy comments delivered daily that grabbed the headlines and main talking points. 

His very greatest opposers, the CMMM, is run by six Media Moguls who answer to a large investment house in Switzerland that claims to be on the vanguard of investments.

These CMMM enemies turned out to be Trump’s greatest campaign asset by providing hundreds of millions of dollars of free campaign advertising.

How could this be you might ask, when the CMMM continually broadcast negative reports about Trump?

Most Americans rejected at face value all these negative CMMM taking points about Trump, thus reinforcing their distrust of the USG itself and the CMMM.

The more that the CMMM kept broadcasting anti-Trump news that seemed noticeably biased and false, the more the American masses supported Trump.

I will not recite Trump’s populist agenda here because it is available at numerous sources and most know it by heart already.

But it is fair to say that not only is his agenda going to be extremely difficult to attain as promised, but in fact, his only chance of doing it is to capture a majority of Americans for full and energetic support.

And this means he will have to win some of his opposers over to his way of thinking in full support of his agenda if he is to be able to fully attain it.

Like it or not, the Clinton and Obama Presidencies have been unable to reverse all the massive damage to the American economic system that was created by GHWB and his Cabal and by Bush2, which many now realize was fully authorized by the City of London private Banksters and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

Two Gulf wars and war in Afghanistan, set up as perpetual wars to be continually lost like Korea and Vietnam, have drained the US taxpayers’ wealth and transferred it to the Defense Contractors (especially the no bid types) and the large RKM related bloodline families which own large blocks of their stock.

How did America end up being run by a foreign espionage front, the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia private Fiat Banksters?

And ever since a major coup d’état against America was successfully implemented in 1913, our manufacturing of US Money and its distribution has been hijacked by a foreign espionage entity dedicated to the complete asset stripping and destruction of America.

The means to do this was for the US Banksters (aka the Federal Reserve, a foreign owned bank, a franchise of the Rothschild City of London private Fiat Banking System), to form a critical alliance with the Saudis and some other Mideast oil producers.

This oil alliance was a three way agreement between the major oil companies, these oil producers and the USG. It involved the US Military and NATO providing complete military protection for these oil producers as long as they agreed to accept US Dollars for their oil…



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