South Africa and WW III: Prophecy and the Boer


Prophecy matters. Prophecy can change the future. One form of prophecy is being able to access time in a nonlinear form. A kind of astral projection that isn’t limited to the present. Another form of prophecy is being able to imagine something into being and then sending it off into the world. This too could forever change the future. Artists, scientists and politicians are capable of this kind prophetic manipulation. The truly gifted prophets do a blending of both. It was said that Grigori Rasputin told Tsar Nicholas that before he died he would see Rasputin’s birth place, Pokrovskoe. Just before the Tsar and his family were murdered by Bolsheviks, Pokrovskoe would be one of the last things they would see.

I think the nature of prophecy is for the seer to be a vessel  for those invisible forces that view the future and desire to change it. In that way perhaps the nature of prophesy is desperation. This is certainly the case for a little known white ethnic minority in South Africa called the Boer. Siener Van Rensburg was a Boer prophet that lived 100 years ago. He had more than 700 visions. The most rattling of which culminates with a Turkish\Russian conflict that consumes the planet into a world war that leaves the Northern Hemisphere in ruins. The survivors will flee to the Southern Hemisphere, including South Africa.

But for the Boer their fate has already been sealed according to Van Rensburg. South Africa will devolve into a vicious civil war consuming the Boer in the process. Knowing this did Van Rensburg speak these prophesies as a final act to shape the future of his people, the Boer? Was he blending both kinds of prophesies?  Was he being shown the future and calling out to those that had yet to be born to listen and do what they can to survive?   

As it Stands Today in South Africa

South Africa’s unemployment rate stands at 27%. Yes, I said 27%, not 2.7%. Worst yet, almost half the population of 55 million earns less than the country’s minimum wage. In America, that translates to abject poverty. The situation has only gotten worse over time, including crime, which continues to climb. South Africa is the rape capital of the world with almost 150 sexual assaults happening every day. The rolling blackouts of the past years have eased, but that is only because demand is down from an economy in freefall. Physical brawls in parliament and confused attempts at peacefully redistributing white minority owned farmland to the black majority have created an almost intolerable rage within the majority population. Riots are becoming the norm in the cities as well as the universities.  Additionally, the rules of the turnover of white property and businesses to the black majority switch almost seasonally. This is from a deep corruption and disorder within the ANC. This makes the party look as if it’s suffering from multiple personality disorder.

With this worsening economic situation it comes natural for politicians to look for an escape hatch to explain their apparent lack of competence.

Race is everything in South Africa and ever since President Jacob Zuma infamously called for the killing of the Boer, a dangerous narrative has formed. It’s a familiar one. Here’s how the plot goes. An incompetent government gets into trouble. Rather than fixing its own problems, those in charge find it best to blame all its ills on a small minority. Once the ire of the voters’ attention gets turned to the minority, the politicians then buy themselves some time to figure things out. If the minority gets slaughtered in the process, well, you know, that’s just politics. Here’s the unfortunate plot twist for Zuma and his ruling party the ANC. From all of this chaos came a new political party that has quickly cut into the ANC’s monopolistic grip on the political structure. The Economic Freedom Fighters or EFF has a more radical, Marxist vision for the country. That includes a less harmonious divestment of white owned land and businesses. But there really is nothing new about the EFF. It’s promised the usual rainbow panacea that a far left Marxist group might offer a vulnerable public. The BBC has politely said its leader, Julius Malema, has offended various groups including whites. I would attribute his rhetoric and stances to that of Robert Mugabe and his violent handling of white owned farms back at the turn of this century…



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    The truth about what really happened and is happening in South Africa is truly shocking. Pan European people need to stand up for each other and stake out our own future, free from the myth of Jewish run multiculturalism which is white genocide no matter how you want to look at it.

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