Apocalyptic Visions

Apocalyptic Visions

By Mundilfury

In the apocalyptic fantasies of the Left, Nazis are everywhere. They’re walking through the streets right now, they’re paying their taxes, roaring around on public transit, helping the elderly negotiate busy streets whilst wearing MAGA caps unabashedly. They’re kicking extra points for your favorite gridiron football team. They’re threatening to take away everyone’s right to dress up in funny pink hats with cat ears; write scintillating newspaper articles about the size of quarterback Tom Brady’s sideline overcoat; vilify the President’s children; and abort late term pregnancies. The Waffen SS with their indispensable Nordic features are marching in jack-booted precision down main street whilst soaring UFO prototypes fly overhead. The apocalypse has come, the End Times are nigh, and the Doomsday clock clicks inexorably toward nuclear midnight all thanks to President Donald J. Trump. Everywhere we turn, the God-Emperor’s legions of genetically engineered warriors are enforcing His indomitable will.

If we take out our convenient ideological slide-rule and move the counter one little tick to the Right, that’s where Nazism begins, everyone. To the Left, it doesn’t matter if you’re a little old pensioner who’s not too sure about this whole gay marriage business or an undercut sporting Alt-Right shitposter attending his first National Policy Institute (NPI) event, you’re all equally guilty. You are responsible for allowing the Right to gain strength and bring about this apocalyptic future.

The fantastical notions of the Left are important. Some would argue that real material interests solely drive historical events. The hardened core of current Leftist ideology, however, is based on the interests of our hostile anti-White elites combined with apocalyptic fantasy. Fantasy combined with real or perceived interests have tangible outcomes in the real world. The late Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, former Professor of Western Esotericism and Director of the Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism (EXESESO) at the University of Exeter, wrote extensively on the importance of fantasy for the Ariosophists. In The Occult Roots of Nazism he stated that “…fantasies can achieve a causal status once they have been institutionalized in beliefs, values, and social groups. Fantasies are also an important symptom of impending cultural changes and political action.” While Goodrick-Clarke focused on the importance of fantasy that arose in a far-right wing movement, his ideas are equally applicable to the present day Left.  Although the Left is in the midst of their figurative death throes, they cling stubbornly to their beliefs, no matter how bizarre or absurd, and they will not surrender hegemony without a vicious fight on all fronts.

In his excellent set-piece report for RedIce.tv, Reinhardt Wolff quite rightly stated that the Left has become increasingly violent. He went on to say that, to the Left, “anyone Right of Bernie Sanders is a Nazi.” The Nazi moniker is one the Left can mud-sling at will and when the smear transforms their unwitting target into a Nazi-strawman, Leftists feel justified to physically assault that individual or group, harass their families, and get them terminated from their jobs. It’s all fair game to them once that fantastical strawman has been stuffed and adorned with a Stahlhelm.

Prior to Trump’s formal inauguration on 20 January 2017, during the event and in the days following, our hostile elites’ motley crew of anti-fascist (hereafter Antifa) foot soldiers were throwing their weedy weight around Washington DC. They destroyed property, harassed Trump supporters, threw sucker-punches, obstructed the movement of citizens, burned cars, and fired guns. They heckled and jeered, wore disastrously bizarre costumes, and assaulted the nostrils of passersby with their miasmatic reek. Antifa had a particular fixation with public waste receptacles: they knocked over and emptied their contents as if orderly public space was an affront to their sensibilities, which it is.

Hunter Wallace, the news editor for AltRight.com, provides a comprehensive list of the many incidents that occurred over inaugural weekend and the past week. Someone was shot outside of a Milo event in Seattle; rotten eggs were hurled at Lauren Southern outside the Deploraball; a plot was uncovered that was set to attack the Deploraball with butyric acid bombs; Gavin McInnes got into an altercation with antifa outside that same event; antifa attacked Frank Luntz and Tomi Lahren in separate incidents; an unknown number of Trump supporters and people on their way to work were attacked; and the list goes on. Wallace states that the Left has been “psychologically wounded by Trump’s victory…we have never seen anything like the amount of leftwing violence we have seen over the past week.”…




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