Whitey on Mars

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is launched from Cape Canaveral. Photo by NASA Elon Musk and the rise of Silicon Valley’s strange trickle-down science Andrew Russell is Dean and Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, New York. He is the author of Open Standards and the Digital Age (2014) and co-editor of Ada’s Legacy (2015).  Lee Vinsel is an assistant professor of science and technology studies at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is working on the book Taming the American Idol: Cars, Risks, and Regulations. There are good reasons to worry about the future of humanity. … Continue reading Whitey on Mars

Humpty Trumpty and the Shear in the Matrix

by Zen Gardner, Contributor, Waking Times Question:  Hey Z, I don’t know if it has occurred to you as well, but the reaction to Trump’s support and presidency is divided by such polar opposites as to be a possible indication of alternative timelines among us. His vulgarity, misogynist, and racist tendencies have been on full display for everyone to see. Yet, there are those who still think that his populist rhetoric will circumvent all that and keep him on a pedestal of acclaim. I just don’t get it. I think he’s bordering on insanity. What’s your take on it? – Mark Answer: … Continue reading Humpty Trumpty and the Shear in the Matrix

The Internet Is Mostly Bots

More than half of web traffic comes from automated programs—many of them malicious. by ADRIENNE LAFRANCE Look around you, people of the internet. The bots. They’re everywhere. Most website visitors aren’t humans, but are instead bots—or, programs built to do automated tasks. They are the worker bees of the internet, and also the henchmen. Some bots help refresh your Facebook feed or figure out how to rank Google search results; other bots impersonate humans and carry out devastating DDoS attacks. Overall, bots—good and bad—are responsible for 52 percent of web traffic, according to a new report by the security firm Imperva, … Continue reading The Internet Is Mostly Bots