Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster Explained (Infographic)

By Karl Tate, Infographics Artist On Feb. 1, 2003, the shuttle Columbia was returning to Earth after a successful 16-day trip to orbit, where the crew conducted more than 80 science experiments ranging from biology to fluid physics. However, the seemingly healthy orbiter had suffered critical damage during its launch, when foam from the fuel tank’s insulation fell off and hit Columbia’s left wing, tearing a hole in it that later analysis suggested might have been as large as a dinner plate. The damage occurred just after Columbia’s liftoff on Jan. 16, but went undetected. During re-entry, the hole … Continue reading Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster Explained (Infographic)

Time Is Contagious

ILLUSTRATION BY LEIGH WELLS How to control the subjective experience of time. BY ALAN BURDICK On a recent Saturday morning, my wife, Susan, and I slipped into the city to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place we hadn’t gone together since before our sons were born. The crowds hadn’t yet descended and for an hour or so we wandered around and absorbed the cavernous hush of art. We separated for a bit, together but apart; while Susan roamed among the Manets and Van Goghs I slipped into a small side gallery, not much larger than a subway car, … Continue reading Time Is Contagious

The future is mixed-race

image edited by Web Investigator  And so is the past. Migration and mingling are essential to human success in the past, the present and into the future Scott Solomon is a biologist and science writer. He teaches biosciences at Rice University, and his writing and photography have appeared in Slate, Nautilus and, among others. His latest book is Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution (2016). He lives in Houston, Texas. In the future, a lot of people might look like Danielle Shewmake, a 21-year-old college student from Fort Worth, Texas. Shewmake has dark, curly hair, brown eyes, and an olive skin tone that causes many to … Continue reading The future is mixed-race

Study Finds Having Had More Than Three Sex Partners Is a Turnoff

by Tracy Moore Well, shit When it comes to sex, one adage holds true: Doing it is a lot different than talking about it, and people have wildly different ideas about how to discuss sex, particularly when it comes to sexual history. Should you tell someone how many people you’ve slept with? What does your number mean, anyway? It’s different if you’re a man! One survey found that 22 percent of people never reveal how many people they’ve slept with, with another 30 percent waiting until a relationship was exclusive to dish. All this anxiety about when or if to … Continue reading Study Finds Having Had More Than Three Sex Partners Is a Turnoff

Why Two Scientists Developed an Extraordinary Way to Extend DMT Trips

by Jesse Jarnow, The Influence, Waking Times Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by The Influence, and is reprinted here with permission. Known in drug lore as “the businessman’s trip” for its lunch-break-sized 15-minute duration, DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is infamous for blasting its users into vivid alien worlds. It’s among the most literally hallucinogenic of all the psychedelics. Now, a pair of veteran researchers have proposed a method to safely extend the experience beyond its short length. Dr. Rick Strassman and Dr. Andrew Gallimore published their paper in Frontiers in Psychology last month, under the name “A Model for the Application of … Continue reading Why Two Scientists Developed an Extraordinary Way to Extend DMT Trips