Love and Money

Illustration by Dave van Patten Love and Money: How to Handle Marrying Someone With Tons of Debt John McDermott Don’t wait until you’ve tied the knot before discussing your student loan burden In 2001, Cary Carbonaro and her then-husband were on their way to buy a new car when he told her, “I can’t put the car in my name because of my credit.” Carbonaro was confused. The newlyweds were living in New York, and she was under the impression he was well-off financially — certainly not the kind of person who’d have trouble getting an auto loan. Then he divulged he had $70,000 in … Continue reading Love and Money

50% All New UK Homes In Next 5 Yrs Go To Muslims

One new home will need to be built every five minutes to house Britain’s burgeoning migrant population, it has been revealed Britain will need to accommodate 243,000 new households each year Net ­migration accounts for an estimated 45 per cent of this growth 109,000 extra homes will be needed every year by migrants and their families  By Mail Online Reporter Almost half of new homes built in the next five years will go to migrants, government figures have revealed. Soaring immigration means that Britain will need to accommodate as many as 243,000 new households each year for the next 22 … Continue reading 50% All New UK Homes In Next 5 Yrs Go To Muslims

The self-help game

Image edited by Web Investigator – Believe in better… Photo by Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Millions believe that pop psychology can change their tennis skills, their love life or their moods. Are they all wrong? Rami Gabriel is associate professor of psychology in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences at Columbia College Chicago. He is the author of Why I Buy: Self, Taste, and Consumer Society in America (2013). ‘Double-fault!’… ‘Ju-ust out!’ Generally a calm man, I throw my tennis racquet against the thick green court curtains with disgust… Akh, the torture of tennis. I make a dejected approach to shake hands with my … Continue reading The self-help game