Love Is Like Cocaine

ILLUSTRATIONS BY KATHERINE STREETER From ecstasy to withdrawal, the lover resembles an addict. BY HELEN FISHER “When we want to read of the deeds that are done for love, whither do we turn? To the murder column.” — George Bernard Shaw George Bernard Shaw knew the power of romantic love and attachment. Both, I will maintain, are addictions—wonderful addictions when the relationship is going well; horribly negative addictions when the partnership breaks down. Moreover, these love addictions evolved a long time ago, as Lucy and her relatives and friends roamed the grass of east Africa some 3.2 million years ago. … Continue reading Love Is Like Cocaine

Telling memories

People waiting for the morning bus in Birobidzhan in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in far-eastern Siberia in 1999. Aside from Israel, it is the world’s only officially Jewish territory. Photo by Jonas Bendiksen/Magnum Jewish émigrés from the former Soviet Union tell inconsistent stories. What does this say about the nature of memory? Helen Haftis completing an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies at the University of Oxford. Human memory is a wonderful but fallible instrument… The memories residing within us are not engraved in stone. Not only do they tend to fade over the years; they often change or … Continue reading Telling memories

11 Signs War with Iran is Imminent

by Makia Freeman, Contributor, Waking Times War with Iran is on the cards as the administration of US President Donald Trump takes an overly aggressive stance against the Islamic Republic. Without doubt, the 2016 US presidential election left the nation deeply divided and polarized. Trump has been in office for around 3 weeks and there are still many people protesting against him. His brash style and EOs (Executive Orders) have some horrible unintended consequences, such as his 90-day immigration order (called a “Muslim ban” by some) resulting in a 5 year old getting handcuffed and separated from his parents. Amidst all of this engineered … Continue reading 11 Signs War with Iran is Imminent