Experiencing Spiritual Flatlining?

Author: Soren Dreier I have been approached by many who write about the same issue. They feel like they are spiritually stuck and are making no spiritual progress. I addressed this issue in the post: Change, due to the shift of frequencies that occurred during the solstice. We know that 2017 is, and will continue to be, a year of great change. We can read it in the collective by the election of Trump, and we can read it in the political landscape of Europa. Nothing – Nothing will be the same as now, come Solstice 2017. I also previously wrote about … Continue reading Experiencing Spiritual Flatlining?

The Internet and Your Brain are More Alike Than You Think

Salk scientist finds similar rule governing traffic flow in engineered and biological systems. (Credit: Salk Institute) by Salk Institute Although we spend a lot of our time online nowadays–streaming music and video, checking email and social media, or obsessively reading the news–few of us know about the mathematical algorithms that manage how our content is delivered. But deciding how to route information fairly and efficiently through a distributed system with no central authority was a priority for the Internet’s founders. Now, a Salk Institute discovery shows that an algorithm used for the Internet is also at work in the human … Continue reading The Internet and Your Brain are More Alike Than You Think

WATCH: Even Crash Test Dummies Are Now Obese

By NY Post Since they were invented, crash test dummies have only represented one body type. Recently, however, new models have been introduced that represent body types with higher percentages of body fat to get more accurate test results for a heavier population. This video originally appeared in the New York Post.  http://players.brightcove.net/4137224153001/ed38fae1-4db1-4308-8095-399a04010bc1_default/index.html?videoId=5318889999001 http://heatst.com/tech/watch-crash-test-dummies-are-now-obese/ Continue reading WATCH: Even Crash Test Dummies Are Now Obese

The Inanimate Objects That Have Broken Our Hearts

From a pair of boobs to a magazine, not all heartbreakers are humans John McDermott: I will never love any home (not even my childhood home) as fondly as the first apartment I ever rented. Ever watch a TV show or movie about a gaggle of 20-somethings, and remark on how ridiculously extravagant their apartments are considering they’re all making $35,000 a year? This was the real-world equivalent. The place was enormous — a 1,600-square foot, three-bedroom duplex in Chicago’s tony Lincoln Park neighborhood, renting for a criminally low $2,400 per month. (That was for all three of us, not per person.) The … Continue reading The Inanimate Objects That Have Broken Our Hearts