Do you speak American? The 63 fundamental differences between British and American speech


by Telegraph Travel

What a difference an Atlantic makes. Though Brits may think we speak the same language as our pals across the pond, this nifty little infographic shows just how many differences there are in our respective lexica.

Some variations are simply a question of spelling (which Brits who use US spell-check will be aware of): “marvellous” in the UK becomes “marvelous” in the States, “travelling” becomes “traveling”. The image also highlights the variation in the our/or suffix (“colour”/”color”) and the re/re suffix (“litre/liter”).British vs. American English: 63 Differences (Infographic)

Other vocab mismatches have the capacity to cause more confusion; “pants” are trousers for Americans, “biscuits” are a kind of savoury scone, “erasers” are used for removing pencil marks while “rubbers” are a form of contraception.



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