I Spent a Year in Isolation Pretending to Live on Mars

The thing I missed most? Avocados by Carmel Johnston, as told to Andrew Fiouzi Mars is cold, volcanic and dusty as hell. What would it be like for humans to live there? A team of six scientists tried to find out — by holing up for a year in a geodesic dome on the desolate slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano, as part of the NASA funded HI-SEAS (Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) mission. The purpose of the simulation was to determine what would be required to keep a space flight crew happy and healthy if we ever sent one to Mars. … Continue reading I Spent a Year in Isolation Pretending to Live on Mars

The Deception Technology. Hollywood Oscar for Fake Movie

By Firas Samuri The 89th Academy Awards held in Los-Angeles on February, 26, was full of curious incidents. Of five films nominated in the short documentary category, three were devoted to the Syrian crisis and the problem of refugees. To everyone’s surprise the Netflix film titled “The White Helmets” took home the Oscar. This movie tells us about volunteer rescue workers who are allegedly engaged in rescuing people trapped in the combat zone in Syria. The movie has numerous frames captured by the White Helmets crew members where they ‘selflessly’ render assistance to a peaceful population. Peculiarly enough, they work … Continue reading The Deception Technology. Hollywood Oscar for Fake Movie

Mozart’s Daily Routine

How a day is composed in the hours between sleep o’clock and symphony o’clock. BY MARIA POPOVA “The patterns of our lives reveal us. Our habits measure us,” Mary Oliver wrote in contemplating how our routines give shape to our inner lives. This, perhaps, is why we’re so transfixed by the daily routines of great artists, writers, and scientists — a sort of magical thinking under the spell of which we come to believe that if we were to replicate the routines of geniuses, we would also replicate some dimension of their inner lives and, in turn, their outer greatness. … Continue reading Mozart’s Daily Routine

Kitten Meditation

Photo by Carolina Barría Kemp | https://tricy.cl/2l8ylQS Thai Forest monk Ajahn Brahm invites us to start meditating by choosing something easy to love in this excerpt from his book By Ajahn Brahm I prepare myself for metta meditation by imagining a little kitten. I like cats, especially kittens, so my imaginary kitten is to lovingkindness as gas is to a flame. I need only to think of my little kitten and my heart lights up with metta. I continue to visualize my imaginary friend, picturing it as abandoned, hungry, and very afraid. In its short span of life it has … Continue reading Kitten Meditation

21st Century House Slaves

by Sylvain Lamoureux, Contributor, Waking Times For thousands of years, the ‘house slave’ has been one which was treated better than the other slaves; allowed to live in the master’s house or at least apart from the others which were usually beaten into submission to carry out the toil of the day. The house slave was also something to aspire to, for it offered a hope of relief from the worst of their existence. The house slave was loyal to his master and was often used as a spy and as someone to ‘negotiate’ with the others and coax them into accepting … Continue reading 21st Century House Slaves