Web of war

Working on the AN/FSQ-7 computer in a Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (or SAGE) air defence system facility. Photo by Andreas Feininger/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty How the hair-trigger nuclear age and fears of Armageddon inspired visionary cold warriors to invent the internet Sharon Weinberger is a national security writer focusing on science and technology issues. She is currently the national security editor at The Intercept. Her writing has appeared in Nature, Washington Post Magazine, Slate and Discover, among others. Her latest book is The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency that Changed the World (2017). ‘We have some big trouble,’ president John F Kennedy told his brother, the … Continue reading Web of war

Why Evolution Is Ageist

GENETIC LOTTO: The extent of epigenetic drift observed between young and old organisms causes researchers to believe other factors are at play, including those as random as selected lotto numbers. Hannah K. Lee Genetic mutation changes from adaptive to dangerous after reproductive age. BY AMY MAXMEN Every time he bent over a freshly dead body, pathologist George Martin pondered the diversity before him. Although his cadavers almost always belonged to the elderly, they varied dramatically. One would have intestines pocked by polyps. Another’s arteries were plugged with plaque. Variety even existed within the same types of disease. For instance, the location … Continue reading Why Evolution Is Ageist

When a Man’s Unemployed, His Wife Bears the Emotional Costs

by C. Brian Smith She’s essentially his own personal Stuart Smalley What’s the woman behind the man who just lost his job whispering in his ear? Most likely: “You’re good enough. You’re smart enough. And doggone it, people like you.” It’s what Berkeley sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild defined in 1979 as “emotion work” — unpaid emotional maintenance that a person undertakes in their private life. Not to be confused, however, with “emotional labor,” another term Hochschild coined, which is essentially paid emotional work — managing feelings and facial expressions to fulfill the emotional requirements of a job. Both terms are in play these days when married … Continue reading When a Man’s Unemployed, His Wife Bears the Emotional Costs