We Are Walking a Tightrope Through Chaos

by Julian Rose, Contributor, Waking Times Rational observation leads one to be unable to deny the undeniable: the toxic burden now being carried by the Earth’s atmosphere, living matter, animals and humans, has taken us all to the brink of apocalypse. Yet, in spite of evidential states of dramatic damage to the fabric of life on Earth, radiantly beautiful children are birthing on this planet every day, as if in defiant declarations of the power of life over death. These children are arriving even as nuclear reactors leak, catch fire and melt down, depositing their deadly radioactive isotopes around the planet. … Continue reading We Are Walking a Tightrope Through Chaos

Tripping in the ICU

At the Robert Ballanger hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, France. Photo by Amelie Benoiste/SPL For those suffering the trauma of intensive care, the soothing swoosh of otherworldly ambient music can be a welcome gift by Charles Fernyhough is a British writer and psychologist, and his latest book is The Voices Within (2016). He is a part-time professor of psychology at Durham University, with interests in child development, memory and hallucinations. Listen here to an excerpt of Darkroom’s concert for intensive care. It’s an odd gig, even for musicians who are used to some odd venues. For one thing, we can’t see our audience. It’s not that we haven’t attracted many … Continue reading Tripping in the ICU

‘I Have a Headache’ and Other Signs You’re in a Barren Sexual Wasteland

Brian VanHooker How you can tell you’re in a sexless relationship (and how to fix it) Relationship counselors might tell you, in comforting tones, that it’s natural for passion to fade over time, and that it’s slowly replaced with things like comfort and trust and emotional intimacy. That’s great and all, but what happens if what you really need right now is a good fuck? What if, while trying to hold your family together, you’re silently clawing your own eyeballs out, trapped in the relentless cycle of frustration and resentment that comes with the dreaded sexless relationship? It’s a cliché from … Continue reading ‘I Have a Headache’ and Other Signs You’re in a Barren Sexual Wasteland