The Real Danger of Having a Dad Bod

 These guys are in trouble. BAD NEWS. EVEN BEING JUST A LITTLE OVERWEIGHT INCREASES YOUR RISK OF DEATH. By the VALET. STAFF A few years ago, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were examining research on body fat and concluded that being slightly overweight, but not obese, might actually result in a longer life. For the third of Americans who are overweight, that was likely seen as reassuring news. Hell, it even paved the way for the whole “dad bod” phenomenon. But many in the medical community were skeptical, as the findings relied too heavily on Body … Continue reading The Real Danger of Having a Dad Bod

Why So Many Athletes Have Such Terrible Diets

by John McDermott In 2013, NBA big man Dwight Howard developed a rare nerve disorder called dysesthesia while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He had tingling in his extremities and was losing motor function, to the point he had difficulty catching passes. Dysesthesia is common among prediabetics — not men who make a living physically exerting themselves. But Lakers nutritionist Cate Shanahan knew Howard had a “legendary sweet tooth,” and suspected his tingling was due to his sugar intake. Sure enough, Howard revealed to her he had been consuming an unthinkable amount of sugar. According to ESPN: “Howard had been scarfing down … Continue reading Why So Many Athletes Have Such Terrible Diets

Cancer’s Financial Cost is as Agonizing as Cancer Itself

Author: Heather Millard Add a new entry to the list of factors that can exacerbate a cancer diagnosis: money. Paying for cancer treatment is expensive, and for many patients, the financial distress can be severe—so much so that, as recent evidence suggests, it could count as another cancer mortality risk factor, alongside smoking, diet, and exercise. So researchers began calling this distress “financial toxicity,” because of how it influences patients’ well-being, their treatment decisions, and health outcomes. Yet video-recorded clinical interactions show oncologists and patients broaching the subject of expense in fewer than half of their discussions, and that omission can have … Continue reading Cancer’s Financial Cost is as Agonizing as Cancer Itself

The legend of the Legion

image edited by Web Investigator His cap is bleached as white as the bones of a Saharan camel. Is the romance of the French Foreign Legion a cult of death? Robert Twigger is a British poet, writer and explorer. His latest book is White Mountain: Real and Imagined Journeys in the Himalayas (2016), and he divides his time between the UK and Egypt. What comes to mind when you think of the French Foreign Legion? Most likely men struggling through the desert in heavy blue coats and white peaked caps. Men who joined up after a lifetime of crime, fighting valiantly, … Continue reading The legend of the Legion