If You Speak Multiple Languages, Do You Need Multiple Therapists?

Illustration by Carly Jean Andrews by Andrew Fiouzi Last week, Javier Bardem told Esquire that he has two therapists — one that he speaks to in his native Spanish and another that he speaks to in English. If you’re rolling your eyes, you’re not alone. When I first mentioned the quote to a few other people here, I was met with a conference room full of eyerolls. “That sounds like a Javier Bardem problem,” said one of my colleagues derisively before cackling and repeating it at least two more times (you know, in case someone hadn’t heard him the first time). But I didn’t … Continue reading If You Speak Multiple Languages, Do You Need Multiple Therapists?

We Need Conscious Robots

H. Armstrong Roberts / ClassicStock / Getty Images How introspection and imagination make robots better. BY RYOTA KANAI People often ask me whether human-level artificial intelligence will eventually become conscious. My response is: Do you want it to be conscious? I think it is largely up to us whether our machines will wake up. That may sound presumptuous. The mechanisms of consciousness—the reasons we have a vivid and direct experience of the world and of the self—are an unsolved mystery in neuroscience, and some people think they always will be; it seems impossible to explain subjective experience using the objective … Continue reading We Need Conscious Robots

Against flow

image edited by Web Investigator – The Spanish National Dance Company perform during rehearsals for Don Quixote. Photo by Quim Llenas/Getty In the myth of flow, the performer soars when the music starts. But it’s grit and self-analysis until the very last bar Barbara Gail Montero  is associate professor of philosophy at the City University of New York (CUNY). Her latest book is Thought in Action: Expertise and the Conscious Mind (2016). She lives in New York. When I was a student at the San Francisco Ballet School, I loved watching the advanced dancers in the class before mine. Their soaring … Continue reading Against flow