Does Hollywood Deserve To Die?

image edited by Web Investigator By Douglas Herman Imagine a world without Hollywood. Now imagine how that scenario will happen one day and what emotion you will feel. Let the great debate begin: Does Hollywood Deserve to Die? “The industry hurts itself, by making so many lousy movies.” ­ Humphrey Bogart YES!  Hollywood deserves to die. For making so many lousy, nasty, nihilistic movies, EXPENSIVE movies glorifying and glorying in the violence, death and mayhem onscreen, AND by profiting in those shitty movies to excess, YES, Hollywood deserves to die.  Hollywood deserves to come crashing down around itself, like one … Continue reading Does Hollywood Deserve To Die?

Study Suggests Money Alone Won’t Make You Happy (Even if You’re Rich)

by John McDermott Our culture is filled with aphorisms and cautionary tales about the corrupting effect of money. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” “Money is the root of all evil.” Yet our collective obsession with money and consumerism persists. A new study from SUNY Buffalo confirms that being fixated on money is indeed unhealthy. When people base their self-worth on their financial success, they’re more likely to suffer from a host of psychological issues, including higher levels of anxiety and helplessness. People who tie their self-worth to their financial success also tend to use more more words that describe negative emotions, … Continue reading Study Suggests Money Alone Won’t Make You Happy (Even if You’re Rich)

How Not to Be a Digital Slave of the Deep State

by Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer Waking Times Catherine Austin Fitts, former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (under both Bush Sr. and Clinton), has some interesting insights about the possible futures which face us as a world population. Among her warnings are that the deep state would like to make us slaves via advanced digital technology. Some might call this artificial or augmented intelligence (AI). It starts with the current war scenario. We can be certain that the war drums being pounded now are an orchestration by the deep state’s usual players. Fitts says that the powers that be are … Continue reading How Not to Be a Digital Slave of the Deep State