Does Hollywood Deserve To Die?

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By Douglas Herman

Imagine a world without Hollywood. Now imagine how that scenario will happen one day and what emotion you will feel. Let the great debate begin: Does Hollywood Deserve to Die?

“The industry hurts itself, by making so many lousy movies.” ­ Humphrey Bogart

YES!  Hollywood deserves to die.

For making so many lousy, nasty, nihilistic movies, EXPENSIVE movies glorifying and glorying in the violence, death and mayhem onscreen, AND by profiting in those shitty movies to excess, YES, Hollywood deserves to die.  Hollywood deserves to come crashing down around itself, like one of those cities in cheesy Hollywood disaster films, exactly like in those so-called Best and Worst Disaster Movies of All Time.  How epic and karmic would that be?

Harsh? Yes. All those obscenely rich and pampered Hollywood stars, and grossly overpaid film industry executives, need to scamper in terror, just like the millions of low paid (or unpaid) movie extras scampering onscreen in terror, from some computer-generated evil villain or some epic, eye-catching natural disaster.  In this case, THEY are the evil villain, they are the natural disaster, they are the militant fascists they so loudly oppose. Hollywood is a bunch of hypocritical Hannibal Lectors on steroids.

“Studio bosses are well compensated for colluding in glorifying America’s wars and demonizing its enemies,” wrote Stephen Lendman. “Supporting America’s imperial agenda is more important than the truth.” Amen, Stephen!  Imagine what an Oscar-worthy speech that simple, damning statement would be. Imagine if Stephen Spielberg or George Clooney stood up at the podium, before a live TV audience of millions, and dared to speak Lendman’s incisive words at some awards ceremony.  Never going to happen, in our lifetime, I’m sad to say.

NO! Hollywood does NOT deserve to die.

Hollywood has done MORE for the cause of peace, justice and human rights than ALL of the armies in the entire history of the world. If only more humans would watch movies with a childlike delight, with a warm box of popcorn and suspended disbelief, the whole world would soon be a much better place to live. And better movies would be made by those much better humans.

Pick ANY movie, just ONE movie at random, and you can readily see how clever Hollywood writers, directors and actors are at forging a policy of togetherness, teamwork and YES, even Love, when they battle monsters, demons and imperial Stormtroopers together.  And eventually our Hollywood heroes defeat these same monsters again and again in endless sequels so that mankind ­ and womankind and childkind too ­ can live together happily in a spirit of peace and fast food paradise forever.

YES! Hollywood deserves to die.

“I try to live with honor, even if it costs me millions of dollars and takes a long time. It’s very unusual in Hollywood.  Few people are trustworthy,” said James Cameron; “A handshake means nothing to them.”
With few exceptions, Hollywood heavyweights are dumber than a carton of condoms but less useful; more hypocritical than a pedophile priest, and more cold-blooded than a serial killer.  Hollywood heavyweights love making blood-thirsty psychopath movies, but without realizing most of the people who make them are completely psycho themselves. “Most of the successful people in Hollywood are failures as human beings,” said Marlon Brando.

NO! Hollywood does NOT deserve to die.

If humans are prone to human failure, then WHY shouldn’t Hollywood be permitted to have a few human failures too? Even extremely successful Hollywood failures are still more successful, by most human standards, than the rest of us put together. The worst failure in Hollywood has a bigger house than you and me, a better car, a bigger bank account and bigger debt load and certainly a bigger and better choice of designer drugs and sex partners than you and me. Yes, you can hold up Hollywood celebrities to HIGHER standards than yours and mine, but the average Hollywood person has ethics, even if those ethics seem somewhat skewed, contradictory and even outright absurd.  Would YOUR ethical standards stand up to constant tabloid scrutiny? Didn’t think so. Neither would mine.

YES! Hollywood deserves to die.

Imagine Hollywood, or just Brentwood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills, being destroyed by The Big One. Call it Killer Bs ­ The Movie. Now in this scenario, the predicted Big One, the ginormous earthquake every seismologist has been predicting for the past 50 ­ 100 years, finally strikes LA.  Pick your favorite actors and actresses to star in this star vehicle. Now picture one of them stuck on the 405 freeway when the freeway overpasses ALL come down on that jam-packed, rush hour freeway. Picture all that trapped and stalled traffic just as that tidal wave washes in. So far, so good, right?

In this big budget movie, Matt Damon or Will Smith is a simple tow truck operator, with a wife and two kids, living in the San Fernando Valley. But he’s stuck on that LA freeway too! Exactly where the I-10 and the 405 converge. The only thing he can think to do is The Right Thing: save people. Meanwhile some schmuck movie executive, who has a history of screwing hopeful unknown actresses and leaving them broken-hearted, is stuck in his office while the skyscraper comes tumbling down around him and his buddies, like the inexplicable collapse of the WTC-7. Who wouldn’t pay to see that scenario, right?

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Study Suggests Money Alone Won’t Make You Happy (Even if You’re Rich)

by John McDermott

Our culture is filled with aphorisms and cautionary tales about the corrupting effect of money. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” “Money is the root of all evil.”

Yet our collective obsession with money and consumerism persists.

A new study from SUNY Buffalo confirms that being fixated on money is indeed unhealthy. When people base their self-worth on their financial success, they’re more likely to suffer from a host of psychological issues, including higher levels of anxiety and helplessness. People who tie their self-worth to their financial success also tend to use more more words that describe negative emotions, such as “sadness” and “anger,” according to the study.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the study, though, was that these results were true regardless of class and financial status. In other words, rich people consumed with amassing wealth are just as unhappy as poor ones.

“Basing self-worth on financial success predicts psychological well-being independent of variables [such as wealth and economic class],” says psychology professor Lora Park, lead author on the study. “We do find, however, that people who experience more economic hardship are more likely to base their self-esteem on financial success.”

As Park mentions, ours is a consumer culture that tends to equate a person’s bank account with their intellect and general competence. So it’s easy to understand why poor Americans might view their situation as an indictment of their character.

That rich people are equally affected suggests that, when money is a goal in and of itself, no amount of it will ever provide a person with the psychological fulfillment they so desperately desire. “Beyond a certain point, more money doesn’t lead to greater happiness,” Park says.

Indeed, in a separate study from 2010, Princeton University researchers found that people’s happiness increases with their salary, but only up to $75,000 a year. Any income gains beyond $75,000 have no tangible effect on a person’s well-being.

Park’s study doesn’t mean it’s bad to be money-conscious, however. People are fully capable of being knowledgeable about personal finance and maintaining their mental health, as long as that personal finance knowledge doesn’t evolve into the pursuit of wealth simply for the sake of it.


How Not to Be a Digital Slave of the Deep State

by Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer Waking Times

Catherine Austin Fitts, former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (under both Bush Sr. and Clinton), has some interesting insights about the possible futures which face us as a world population. Among her warnings are that the deep state would like to make us slaves via advanced digital technology. Some might call this artificial or augmented intelligence (AI).

It starts with the current war scenario. We can be certain that the war drums being pounded now are an orchestration by the deep state’s usual players.

Fitts says that the powers that be are “composting the United States” to save the Empire, by squeezing the middle class, and sending their resources elsewhere. The global elite will always try to save themselves. The U.S. is expendable, as is any other country. The good news though, is that Fitts says that they are in complete delusion.

As Fitts explains, the elite keep “extracting equity” from the “deplorable class,” while they are “harvesting” them and destroying them. As most anyone with two bits of intelligence understands, if you keep taking equity out of an investment, and never replenish it, it will eventually become worthless.

While people are never without worth, as they become more and more downtrodden and frustrated by being used, they will eventually have no choice but to rise up against their oppressors. The people’s use for the elite simply becomes worth nothing, and yet the elite seem dumbfounded by this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the elite keep running toward a transhumanist future where people, as such, are not even needed. They plan to keep wearing Hermes scarfs and taking private jets while using human beings as slaves, pedophile-bait, or cyborgs that polish their boots and do the dirty work that none of these elites are willing to do themselves.

Only, this isn’t going to play out. Entrainment and subliminal programming only works while people are asleep. Too many are waking up to what is being done to them, and the future that is planned for them.

The elite are trying to weaponize the population against the people. This plan will fail. The central banking-warfare model is now common knowledge. As Fitts explains in an interview,

“Think of this as a parasite. Every time we have war, the tapeworm gets a huge injection of food, so they’re feeling satiated and happy. . .their cash flows are rising, and of course that’s bad news for freedom and everything else, but everyone is on the dole. If you want some historical examples, watch two documentaries. Sputnik Fever, and Eisenhower.”

There is a tsunami in Washington pushing for war, just like what happened with Iraq. Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? They were told to “shut up and sing” when they came out and said “NO WAR,” but what happened? The Dixie Chicks pushed even harder against the war-making rhetoric. This same phenomenon is going to go even bigger as the war-makers push for war again against Russia, China, Korea, etc. War is their paycheck. This is what they do.

But here’s where this all comes to a head – the elite can’t control an awakened population, and their false flags, political lies, financing of inter-community and inter-religious, inter-racial, and gender wars, etc. are failing. What to do? Micro-chip the population and control them remotely like robots. That’s the plan, folks.

Fitts says she hasn’t described this scenario in her previous writings because she thought the idea was too abstract, but she says,

 “The real issue here is are we going to be a human or inhuman civilization, and if we’re going to be in an inhuman civilization then you can kiss financial liquidity goodbye because you are going to destroy the entrepreneurial and innovation impulse of most of the population. Now if you think you can do this with 100 million people globally, as they might think they can do. . . so two scenarios are massive depopulation and digital slavery.

As Fitts succinctly puts it, “you cannot run a planet this big with fake news, fake science, fake intel, and rule,” so what do we do?

Small steps make a big difference:


  1. Break the tech habit whenever you can. Go face to face when you can and stop Facebooking people when you can meet them for coffee.
  2. Refuse vaccinations. This is one plan to insert the “mark of the beast” in everyone.
  3. Refuse to be micro-chipped. One Nevada senator already felt compelled to introduce legislation to prohibit forced microchipping of human beings. I don’t think he was being paranoid.
  4. Make it harder for them to track you. Don’t allow your cell phone to track where you are and what you are doing, even though it is likely doing so anyhow. At least resist your freedoms being taken from you. This site explains how to turn off your cell phone tracker.
  5. Refuse to let them cull the masses. Tell everyone you know about chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, etc. These are all methods of depopulation to help create a digital slave race.

Moreover, know the signs of the transhumanist agenda. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Medical modifications that permanently alters or replaces a function of the human body – this includes microchips that “remind people when to take their pharmaceutical meds.”
  2. Aging will begin to lose the “virtue of necessity” and society begins to treat it as a disease. Being healthy is one thing, erasing all forms of age with technological components is something else.
  3. Rights discourse would shift from who we include among humans to a system flexible enough to easily bring in sentient non-humans. I.E. a robot gets as many rights (if not more) than you do.
  4. Great promises are made that you don’t have to stay “human.” Why would you give up truth, beauty, and fairness when you can sell your soul to an AI overlord (Satan?) that will grant you eternal youth, fake beauty, and the ability to not have to think or reason? Transhumanists promise to eliminate your suffering, but will also take your desires.

If you sense that you are being sold a religion for some kind of transhumanistic, technocratic reality – you likely are. Choose to be the best human you can be, instead.

“There is neither spirit nor matter in the world; the stuff of the universe is spirit-matter. No other substance but this could produce the human molecule.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

About the Author

Nathaniel Mauka is a researcher of the dark side of government and exopolitics, and a staff writer for Waking Times.

This article (How Not to Be a Digital Slave of the Deep State) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Nathaniel MaukaIt may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and author bio.